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Botox Eyebrow Lift

Botox Eyebrow Lift

Botox eyebrow lift has come to stay! Presently, a lot of patients want to rejuvenate their eyes, who wouldn't? Read more about this procedure. So if you are searching for a non-invasive way to enhance your look, then this procedure is for you. But why not surgery? You'll be surprised at how powerful a brow lift surgery is. Before you consider surgery, you need to know how brow lift surgery works to appreciate the benefits and of Botox brow lift. Surgical brow lifts involve an incision. And the areas and size of the incision are determined by the kind of brow lifts. If you consult with Dr. Kamal  (PhD in Pharmacy) about your brow lift, you can determine the best incision type. It might include the following:


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Coronal is also known as the “classic” brow lift or the forehead lift. The surgery works like a facelift but focuses on the brow instead. The procedure tightens the brow's skin, reduces fine line, and wrinkles too. Also, it helps fix sagging brows. A saggy brow sags over your eyes like a hood. The plastic surgeon will make an incision in or behind your hairline. But it depends on the position of your hairline from ear to ear. Your doctor (or injection certified pharmacists) will pull the skin of your forehead. During this procedure, your doctor (or injection certified pharmacists) will lift the skin to cut fat and tightens the muscles.


The endoscope is a general alternative to Coronal. It involves making many small incisions in the same brow area. Next, your doctor (or injection certified pharmacists) will place an endoscope under your skin. The device will help control the significant changes to the skin, muscles, and fat.

In essence, one of the above-listed procedures will give your brow a lift. Yes, a surgical brow lift is an effective procedure for rejuvenating the brows. But the disadvantage is the pain and scarring that follows. As a result, a lot of patients prefer a minimally-invasive treatment to lift their eyebrows. This is where the Botox eyebrow lift comes into play.

This procedure smooth frown lines and wrinkles between the eyebrows. Also, it helps to lift your eyebrow's height. The injections work by relaxing your brow muscles to rejuvenate your skin on the outside. Doing this will let your forehead muscles to tighten the relaxed muscles on your brows. The result is an elevated eyebrow and striking eyes.



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How does it work?

A Botox brow lift works by targeting opposing muscles. Your doctor (or injection certified pharmacists) will inject about five to eight units of Botox on every side within your orbicularis oculi muscle.

The procedure is carried out below your eyebrow towards the outer eye area. The muscle in that area will lower the outer eyebrow in the area. By relaxing the muscle that causes eyebrow depression, it will leave the eyebrow elevator untouched.

As a result, the eyebrow elevator may get some millimeters of the outer brow lift. This may highlight the curvature of your eyebrow and rejuvenate your eye region.

Your doctor (or injection certified pharmacists) can place more botulinum toxin injections at the base of your eyebrows to relax them as well. The frontalis muscle will also pull up that end too. The number of times you get a lift will depend on your age. Also, if you still have an active muscle to pull up a relaxed muscle, then you can get a lift.

If you have stubborn wrinkles or frown lines between your eyebrows, No worries! it can help remove them without surgery.


eye brow lift Edmonton

Are the effects permanently?

The effects of the treatment will wear off after about 6 months. You'll notice visible results within 4 to 5 days post-injection. But peak effects occur at about two weeks.

I'm a good candidate for Botox eyebrow lift?

If you're 18 years or older, then you are an ideal candidate for Botox brow lift. Also, people with minor to severe wrinkles or frown lines can enjoy the benefits of the treatment.

If you have tried over-the-counter medications to no avail, you can use Botox to lift your eyebrows. This treatment works perfectly for severe sagging. Plus, if you want optimal results around the eye region, you can consider Blepharoplasty too.

Are there any associated side effects?

Some prevalent risks of Botox include discomfort, bruising, and swelling. During a consultation with Dr kamal (Ph.D. in Pharmacy), he'll tell you all about the risks and benefits of the treatment. Another risk is Asymmetry. But your doctor (or injection certified pharmacists) may inject different amounts between each side to lift the brow. This will help fix pre-existing asymmetry.

What's the cost of the Botox eyebrow lift?

The cost of Botox injections varies. You'll be charged by the area or number of units injected. For an eyebrow lift, you may need more injections. It's compared to minor procedures like wrinkles around the eyes, called crow’s feet. Consequently, you may spend about $800 during one visit.

When will I see results?

Botox treatments have a quick recovery process. Also, the results are quick too. You only need to spare a few minutes. That's all you need to see results within a few weeks. But according to research, you may need to wait for some weeks. But after then, you'll notice significant results following the initial injections.

Please contact Albany laser and cosmetic center if you're searching for cosmetic treatment in the Edmonton area. Dr. Kamal (Ph.D. in Pharmacy) offers personalized recommendations and he'll let you know if a Botox eyebrow lift will help you achieve your aesthetic goals.


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