Medical Spa Membership

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Beauty Membership

Regular Premium Treatments

As a valued member, every three months you'll be treated to our top-tier services - be it a laser micropeel, or laser carbon peel regular price is $400. This ensures your skin receives regular care from the best in the business

Exceptional Value

For just $100 a month, you unlock treatments that individually cost much more. This membership structure offers significant savings over time, making top-quality skincare more accessible. The minimum annual saving is $400.

medical spa membership

Priority & Exclusive Offers

Beauty Members benefit from a 10% discount on all laser treatments and a generous 15% off all body shaping treatments. It's our way of saying thank you for your trust and loyalty.

Flexibility with Rollovers

Life can be unpredictable. If a member cannot avail a treatment in a particular month, the rollover feature ensures they don't miss out. This provides both convenience and ensures value for their investment.

Please note that your first treatment will be scheduled three months after your initial payment.

Beauty Membership Cancellation Policy

  1. Notification Requirement: To cancel your Beauty Membership, please provide written notice via email to [email protected] at least 30 days prior to your next billing cycle.

  2. Minimum Commitment: Every Beauty Member commits to a minimum of 3 months. Members who choose to cancel before completing three monthly payments but wish to get their treatment must pay the difference calculated according to the regular price.

  3. Refunds: Payments made towards the Beauty Membership are non-refundable. Even after cancellation, you’ll retain access to membership benefits until the end of your current billing period.

  4. Benefits Rollover: Can’t use a treatment one month? No worries. Unused treatments can be rolled over to the next three months. However, treatments won’t accumulate beyond a consecutive six-month period. It’s best to use them within this timeframe.

  5. Treatment Transfers: All treatments under the Beauty Membership are for members only. They cannot be transferred to non-members.

  6. Price Difference Post-Cancellation: Members who cancel after the initial three months and then wish to receive any treatments must pay the difference between the member price and the standard treatment price.

  7. Discount Eligibility: After cancelling, treatments that were booked during the membership period but not yet received will not qualify for member discounts.

  8. Membership Pause: Need a break? You can suspend your Beauty Membership once within a 12-month period for up to 3 months. While suspended, payments stop, and benefits won’t accrue. The suspension time will extend your minimum commitment accordingly.

  9. Policy Changes: Albany Laser and Cosmetic Centre may update this cancellation policy when necessary. Significant changes will be communicated via email.

  10. Contact Us: Queries about the Beauty Membership, billing, or this policy? Reach out to our team at Albany Laser and Cosmetic Centre.