Are you having your episodes of skin conditions? One thing about skin issues is that they alter our self-esteem and confidence. Brooding over it or just thinking about it would do nothing. The only way to let go is to seek solutions? Thankfully for our expertise in the field of skincare called dermatology, you can rest assured of safe and result-yielding treatments for various skin conditions no matter your skin type. At Albany Cosmetic and Laser Center INC, we specialize in delivering safe and convenient skin solutions for acne, removal of tattoos, laser alternatives, and achieving anti-aging results. We also major in body shaping and other skin-related solutions for conditions like stretch marks and others. At Albany Cosmetic and Laser Center INC, we show you the possibilities of attaining a beautiful, and radiant skin. Every one of our clients is special our team of dermatologists, and they all have unique skin types and conditions that demand specific treatments. We provide results with this in mind; our solutions are custom developed to ensure that your transformation becomes a reality.

So whatever skin condition you may be experiencing, the skin isn’t a part of the body that can be easily hidden. It’s quite depressing to know that people get to see whether it’s eczema, acne, or you hit the gym, and the stretch marks get to show. It gets very terrible if it’s acne, the reason is that that they go for the face. There are many skins threatening conditions like wrinkles, acne, blemishes, tags and many others. Even issues like sagging skin, aging can really affect your self-confidence. Now there are several millions of over-the-counter medications and products that claim to solve skin conditions. They either render temporary solutions, worsen the situations, and most times do nothing. That is why we have improved our skincare services at Albany Cosmetic and Laser Center INC, to meet up with our client’s several demands. Here are some of our skincare services:

  • Laser Solutions for Skin Issues

Sometimes when the over-the-counter options fail, you start taking these skin conditions as normal. Well they are not, you just haven’t exhausted the available options. You may have heard about lasers and how they work wonders on expelling stubborn skin conditions. Many people turn to the laser when they need better results. Lasers produce great light emissions. It can be employed to accurately emit high degrees of light energy on tiny spots or areas. The light energy of a laser can easily expel or vaporize skin tissues to removed wrinkles, blemishes and stubborn scars, close wounded blood vessels and also make openings in skin tissue. This makes solving blood vessels and skin pigmentation issues easier. The laser method focuses tiny beams on correcting irregular skin layers.

With tech progress, we are now able to deliver the best of laser treatments from Ablative lasers to non-ablative, and even Nd: Yag lasers, to conduct the best corrective processes and attain good results for various conditions and skin types. Our efficient team of dermatologists would figure out the best skin treatments for you and your skin type before you’re scheduled for treatment.

  • Laser Treatments on Skin Conditions

The Laser Skin Resurfacing treatment: This is one of the major cosmetic methods we use to repair the damaged surface of your skin layer, and then trigger the increase of collagen and fresh skin cells in the deeper layers, for a more radiant, and younger skin. The laser solutions can be applied to erase scars from acne, wrinkles, stretchmark, fine lines, and other conditions. Our tattoo Removal is also successful with over 70% fading in one session, leaving no scarring, or imprints, and of course quite affordable. Other skin conditions are unwanted birthmarks, saggy skins, sunburns, moles, warts and tags, feet corns and many others.


  • Anti Ageing Treatment

All that anxiety that comes with seeing wrinkles on your face can be a real weight on your self-esteem and emotions. But who says they can’t be gotten rid of? Who says they come with age? Wrinkles are just like other skin conditions. For instance, our Anti Ageing Solutions remain topnotch and result-oriented. If you prefer our preventative kind of treatments, then you would need a non-surgical facelift. It helps you achieve an improved facial appearance that is free from wrinkles. With our High –tech Infrared option, you can finally get rid of those fine lines and spots that give you aging-anxiety. The Infrared technology is a treatment uses heat (thermal) energy on the dermal and subdermal regions of your skin. This energy increases the collagen and elastin production that fade wrinkles out and improve circulation to improve cellular replacements, leaving your skin looking youthful and radiant. Our complete Collagen Facial therapy involves cleansing, steaming, exfoliation, and even an infrared treatment topped by a custom mask protection.

Advanced services

  1. Body Shaping Solutions- We employ both radio-frequency, ultrasonic with galvanic cavitation to get results for body shaping without surgeries. You get chances at body contour and inch adjustments. We offer all the machines and technology such as sculpsure, coolsculpting, vellashape, and ultrashape.
  2. Keloid, Warts, Moles, Spider veins / Varicose Veins, Vitiligo, Eczema.

Want to remove keloids, warts or moles from your body to enhance your body appearance. Well thankfully, we do this too. And if you think someone else needs to see this, don’t hesitate to share. Our UVB therapy works well to eradicate white patches from vitiligo and the itches and spots from eczema. Our pros in aesthetic surgeries and dermatology will help you get that body back.


We also offer great Advance Facial Treatments:

  1. Acne and Pimples Facial – We employ the Infrared acne facial to erase mild acne and pimples thereby eradicating the bacteria causing it. We also use the IPL to prevent acne occurrences in the future.
  2. Rosacea / Facial Redness

In dermatology, we refer to that redness on your face Rosacea. It gives you that flushed look at all. Well, it is a skin condition, and our dermatologists deal with it at Albany Cosmetic and Laser Center. We offer some amazing confidential consultation sessions to entertain your questions and assist you in making that perfect skin a reality.



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    True. Brooding over your skin issue would do nothing for you. Seeking solution is just the best way to go. I spent a long time thinking about my skin problem, if I had taken the time to search for a solution, I sure would have long forgotten that I had an issue.

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