Using The Sculpsure For Body Shaping And Fat Removal

Using The Sculpsure

For Body Shaping And Fat Removal


Many people have been struggling with having excess fat. This usually affects both men and women. There are various reasons as to why many people are doing their best to eliminate excess fat. However, the most of all can be summarized by the need to have that body figure which resembles a model. This has been common among women, and this has led to more research which has introduced scientifically proved methods and one of that s described well here.

What is the sculpsure?

This is a non-invasive method which works very well to eliminate the excess fat that you don’t want. It is a laser-based procedure which is used for a variety of body types to help both men and women. It allows dealing with a variety of areas simultaneously and usually takes a few minutes before it is over. This is a non-invasive procedure which has become popular in the removal of fat. It is important because it does not leave any surgical scars and there is no anesthesia required. This makes the procedure take a short duration, and there is no time wasted for recovery.

Why you should choose the procedure.

There are many non-invasive methods, but this method has remained the procedure of choice for a variety of reasons.

This method is time-efficient as it always takes a maximum of 25 minutes. Therefore, it saves a lot of your time and therefore, you will be able to attend the other activities without any compromise.

This procedure will not make you have any pain as it does not involve any incision.

The heating of the fat cells usually requires just a little higher temperatures of about 42 degrees which are conducive in that there is no harm on the skin.

It has been shown that over 90% of the clients have reported satisfaction from this procedure.

How to prepare for the method

This method requires you to discuss with your healthcare provider in the area where you want to remove excess fat. Therefore, in this stage you will know the number of sessions you will need to get the results. You should ensure that you consult your doctor shortly before the procedure and you will have gathered a lot of information on what to do. In this situation, you are required to inform your doctor if you have any medical condition and the type of drugs you are taking. This will help your doctor to plan for your procedure and also determine whether you are fit for it. After this, you will be instructed to avoid some medication that usually causes bruising or bleeding such as NSAIDs-ibuprofen and the rest.

How the method works

It is essential that you know how the method will work for you. First, this procedure utilizes the laser technology whereby it works by lipolysis of the excess fat in the region of the body you want-‘Melting` the fat.

Your doctor will instruct you to be in an inclined position and then ensure that you are comfortable. This is usually followed by marking the areas where you want to eliminate the fat. This is followed by having the device wrapped around the area with excess fat resembling a belt. This device is then switched to deliver temperatures of about 42 degrees which is enough to eliminate the excess fat, but it does not affect any other tissue. It is done in such a way that there are episodes of cooling alternated with heating episodes.

It is a short procedure which usually takes about 25 minutes, and it also allows you to relax as it goes on. The cells heated during the process are eliminated by the lymphatic system usually after around 12 weeks after treatment.

The results expected

This procedure usually involves the use of a belt that is designed to work under certain heat conditions and wavelengths which help to eliminate the excess fat from a variety of areas. Therefore, this procedure after being approved by the FDA, it has been shown to produce good results in the following areas.

The flank areas of the abdomen

The areas around the upper and lower abdomen.


The above is the information about the sculpsure procedure, and it has been shown to be effective. Therefore, as described it is a useful method of eliminating fat and shaping the body.


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