Butt lift wit Sculptra

Before and After Pictures Of Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

This page will be updated periodically to reflect our new before and after pictures of Brazilian butt lift BBL using Sculptra fillers in Albany in Edmonton



This lovely client received about 200 ml of Sculptra: HA mixture to help to bring a more sexy round curve to her waist area



what a huge difference 400 MLS of Sculptra: HA fillers mixture brings to the figure




increase the butt volume

The main purpose of this treatment was to improve the loss of volume under the love handle. Moreover, it gives a more smooth look.


butt lift in Edmonton

The aim of this treatment was to help to correct the loss of the fat under the waistline and to provide volume and lift. Even though we took the picture immediately after the treatment and we expect to see better results after 4 weeks. It takes time for the filler mixture to settle and expand


butt enhancement

This is the same client with a side profile


Butt lift wit Sculptra

This lovely client is in her thirties, she received a total of two treatments of Sculptra mixed with hyaluronic acid and PRP. The Pictures were taken directly after the second treatment

butt fillers

Brazilian Butt lift before and after


Brazilian Butt lift before and after


Brazilian Butt lift


butt lift with sculptra


Butt lift with fillers in Edmonton


BBL in Edmonton

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