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WHAT IS NON-SURGICAL MIDFACE AUGMENTATION USING FILLERS?The non-surgical, noninvasive Midface augmentation and reshaping include the utilization of Pdo threads, dermal filler, and Juvederm Voluma (filler type) infused to reshape and contour the Midface to accomplish a natural esthetic appearance in a fast, protected, and efficient out-patient treatment.  WHO IS A GOOD CANDIDATE FOR MIDFACE AUGMENTATION USING […]


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WHAT ARE NASOLABIAL FOLDS AND WRINKLESNasolabial folds and wrinkles are lines situated on either side of the mouth. They are easy to notice when you grin.Except for infants and individuals whose appearances are deadened because of a therapeutic condition, nearly everybody has nasolabial folds and wrinkles. As the skin progresses toward becoming droopy and thinner, […]

Some more thoughts about skin tightening and the use of PDO threading

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Skin tightening with PDO threadingIt is not anymore a piece of news that varieties of skincare materials and brands are currently available, with a seemingly endless flow of new and emerging products. In the aging process, the face loses fat and volume while the skin loses collagen and elasticity. The aging skin becomes encircled by […]

Types of Fillers and Botox in Edmonton

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Types of Fillers and Botox in EdmontonType of Fillers and Botox in Edmonton may include different brands that we use to inject in different areas of the face to rejuvenate it. The increasing popularity of cosmetic procedures has resulted in the development of a variety of dermal fillers. Additionally, Botox is not prohibited. Having said […]

Using Bоtоx, Fіllеrѕ, PDO Thrеаdіng, аnd Fасіаl Augmеntаtіоn fоr Wrinkle Treatment in Edmonton

Using Bоtоx, Fіllеrѕ, PDO Thrеаdіng, аnd Fасіаl Augmеntаtіоn fоr Wrinkle Treatment  in EdmontonIntroduction. 5Botox. 6Bоtоx Injесtіоn. 10Sіdе Effесtѕ оf thе Wrinkle Treatment Uѕіng Botox: 11How Dо Botox Injections Wоrk?. 12Hеrе іѕ a mоrе tесhnісаl еxрlаnаtіоn оf how Bоtоx іnjесtіоnѕ wоrk: 13Whаt are Botox Injections Used to Treat?. 13Whаt is thе Active Ingredient in Bоtоx?. 14Arе […]