Cost of Coolsculpting and Sculpsure Edmonton

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THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN COOLSCULPTING AND SCULPSURE Over the years, we’ve seen several new technologies for minimally invasive fat reduction. This includes CoolSculpting, Exilis, Zerona, Liposonix, and SculpSure. For the past few years, CoolSculpting has been the go-to aesthetic procedure. But, SculpSure is the newest body contouring procedure that removes unwanted fat. As a result, patients want […]

Different lip styles in Edmonton

Different lip stylesA Guide on What You Should Know About Fraxel LaserLips come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, just like the human face. While no two sets of lips are identical, they all have the same five structural planes. The unique appearance of each individual’s lips is determined by the various combinations […]

filler for under eyes shadow and circles

Under eyes circles

filler for under eyes shadow and circlesIf you have dark circles under your eyes, you have tried every brightening lotion available. However, the reality is that undereye filler is one of the few treatments that may alter the look of dark circles, depending on the cause. However, before pursuing such a surgery, it’s critical to […]

Fillers and Botox in the cosmetic field

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Fillers and Botox in the cosmetic fieldAs we grow old, our skin’s natural elastin and collagen decrease. The skin gets thinner, dryer, and unable to repair damaged cells, so wrinkles and fine lines develop. Other causes include heredity, sun exposure, and lifestyle. Currently, the treatments for Wrinkles are abundant, and there are many useful products and […]

Fillers and Botox injection to enhance face beauty


Fillers and Botox injection to enhance face beautyFull-face rejuvenation with dermal fillers is a procedure that is infrequently explored in individuals with numerous cosmetic reasons. To determine the suitability of a novel spectrum of hyaluronic acid fillers for full-face rejuvenation, as well as to analyze effectiveness, safety, and patient satisfaction. Patients may get up to five […]

Fillers and Botox, some of our amazing work at Albany Cosmetic Center.

Lip fillers Edmonton

Fillers and Botox, are some of our amazing work at Albany CenterIn this post, we will show some of our results with Fillers and Botox injection. We use only Botox brand name and Juvederm from AllerganCase No 1Lips fillersWe have great lips to start with,  which is usually a challenge. The client wanted to have […]

FILLERS for Lips

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FILLERS for lips in EdmontonIn our present-day society, having a perfect look is so important – from the shape of the lip to how full they look. Every spot, part, or feature has to be accentuated to perfection.  Lips are often described as the most beautiful feature of the face. No wonder they attract more […]


Lip fillers Edmonton

FILLERS OR LASER FOR FACE WRINKLES IN EDMONTONFillers and Laser: If you look at your mirror and all you see are smile lines, lip lines, wrinkles, frown lines, and worry smiles, then perhaps you need a facelift. Despite the joys that life brings our way, one of the most depressing parts of it are the […]

Fаt Freezing Using Coolscupting In Edmonton

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Fаt Freezing Using Coolscupting In EdmontonFat Freezing with Coolsculpting is a concept that will linger in the minds of many people around the world, but if you keep thinking about it, you will continue to look the same way you do now. Obesity rates are rising worldwide every day, and if you’re one of the […]