Fraxel Dual Laser in Edmonton

Fraxel laser

Getting Fraxel Dual Laser For Skin in EdmontonWHAT IS A FRAXEL DUAL LASER?Fraxel is the best non-ablative fractional Laser with Dual wavelengths of 1550 and 1927 nm. The non-ablative laser keeps the top layer of the skin (stratum corneum) intact without removing it but can reach the underlying skin layers to stimulate collagen production, rejuvenate […]

Fraxel Dual Laser treatment

Fraxel laser

What exactly is Fraxel?Fraxel is a fractional laser treatment technique. It has grown to become one of the most popular laser treatments available. It is well-known for its rapid results and low cost. The treatment is highly effective, with only one or a few sessions required to achieve satisfactory results. Although recovery takes about a […]

Fraxel Dual Laser treatment and its uses

Fraxel results

What is Fraxel?Fraxel is well-known for its effectiveness and instant results. Fraxel is one of the most famous laser treatments available. It uses a kind of fractional laser treatment for amazing results with relatively short downtime. Since this treatment is incredibly powerful, only a few sessions are required for satisfying results. While some users experience […]

Fraxel in Edmonton

Fraxel laser

Fraxel in EdmontonA Guide on What You Should Know About Fraxel LaserThe most advanced skin treatment, Fraxel in Edmonton treatment from Albany Laser and Cosmetic in Edmonton, is a marvel of modern science. Using two wavelengths on the skin, you get two different effects are differing levels of the skin. This helps us eliminate wrinkles, […]


surgical scars with Fraxel

FRAXEL LASER FOR PIGMENTATION AND WRINKLE REMOVALBeauty is attractive and contributes a lot to individual’s appearance, however, as we age, several parts of our body begins to show the signs, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, and pigmentation are all signs of aging and they are often unavoidable especially as we step outdoors to perform day to day […]

Fraxel Pre and Post-treatment instructions

Fraxel laser

Fraxel Pre and Post-treatment instructionsFraxel Pre and Post-treatment instructions include protecting yourself from sun and heat exposure, applying sunblock and a moisturizerWHAT ARE FRAXEL LASER INDICATIONS?Fraxel is a fractional laser with dual wavelengths, the golden standard for skin resurfacing treatment. Fraxel Skin tighteningthis treatment wipes out fine wrinkles and stimulates new collagen generation and a more […]

laser and facial cost in Edmonton

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Laser and Facial cost in EdmontonA Guide on Laser and Facial pricingAt Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre, we provide the most advanced Laser and Facial treatment performed with world class practitioners and affordable prices. Here is a list of the most laser services that we provides Request an appointment Laser and Facial At Albany CentreWe […]

Laser and microdermabrasion for photoaged skin treatment, blemish and pigmentation removal


Treatment for photoaged skinCompared to healthy skin, chronic and continuous sun exposure, or tanning, results in an aberrant and disorderly maturation of keratinocytes and an increase in cellular binding and adhesion. Desquamation will diminish due to the factors mentioned earlier, resulting in a rough and thicker stratum corneum with a decreased barrier function. The skin’s […]

Laser for skin tightening and wrinkle removal

skin tightening and wrinkle removal Using Fraxel LaserGetting rid of wrinkles and fine lines is a central focus for women with signs of aging. If the prescription wrinkle creams such as Retin A and Renova are not potent enough to remove the wrinkles, it may be time for you to opt for a laser skin […]