Face-lift in Edmonton

facelift Edmonton

Face-lift in EdmontonAs we age, our facial and anatomical feature changes. Some people have more drastic changes than others, yet we still get this request in all age groups; I need to reshape my face and look younger. We, at Albany laser and cosmetic clinic, use different non-surgical techniques to help lift the face without […]

Facelift with PDO threads in Edmonton

Thread lift results

Facelift with PDO threads in EdmontonWhat would you do in Edmonton if you have a lot of volumes but need to reshape your face? We’ll need a mix of threads and filler because while adding more volume will help, it won’t be the ideal solution.This lovely client came to us for assistance with a few […]


Lip fillers Edmonton

FILLERS OR LASER FOR FACE WRINKLES IN EDMONTONFillers and Laser: If you look at your mirror and all you see are smile lines, lip lines, wrinkles, frown lines, and worry smiles, then perhaps you need a facelift. Despite the joys that life brings our way, one of the most depressing parts of it are the […]


botox forehead

BEST BOTOX FOR FROWN LINES TREATMENTBotulinum toxin injection for the treatment of frown lines is the most often performed cosmetic procedure, and it is a standout among the most widely recognized procedure for clinicians trying to consolidate esthetic treatments into their training. Botulinum toxin injection, especially in the upper area of the face, offers unsurprising […]

Laser Skin Tightening In Edmonton, What You Should Know!

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What You Should Know About Edmonton’s Best Laser Skin Tightening! Are you looking for skin tightening treatment? Are you fed up with sagging skin that makes you look older than you are? You may have heard that cosmetic surgery is the only option to tighten your skin. However, thanks to medical developments, you can have […]

Laser Wrinkle removal and Skin tightening

fractional laser

Laser Skin TighteningWrinkle removal by Laser especially, the non-ablative fractional laser, such as Fraxel, offers a great non-aggressive treatment to improve skin texture and quality and erase wrinkles via skin surfacing. This type can be combined with other lasers such as the Q-switch nanosecond laser to treat pigmentation and vascularity. Fractional LaserThe fractional non-ablative Laser rejuvenates […]

Lips fillers and threading for facial reshape

Juvederm lip fillers results

Lips fillers and facelift in EdmontonFor these lovely clients, we used one syringe of Juvederm Volift with Sharp-needle techniques. The injection sites were mainly to enhance the lip pillows and define the vermilion borders, the philtrum, and the cupid bow.We apply a special freezing cream and leave it for about 5 minutes to numb the […]

Looking for Botox in Edmonton? You are at the right place

Botox crow feet Results

What is Botox?An anti-aging cosmetic injection targets specific muscles to relax and stop wrinkle formations.How do wrinkles form?There are two types of wrinkles; static and dynamic. Botox mainly targets dynamic wrinkles and stops them from developing long-lasting deeper static wrinkles. As the name implies, dynamic wrinkles appear only when muscles are in a contraction state, […]


Ulthera Treatment

MICRO-FOCUSED ULTRASOUND FOR LIFTING AND NECK TIGHTENING IN EDMONTONIntroductionLife is beautiful, and looking into the mirror reassures us that we are beautiful beings. This remains so until we begin to age. The lines or wrinkles on our cheek, mouth, and neck or the sagging of our jawline and cheek make looking into the mirrorless pleasant. […]