FACE SLIMMING AND JAWLINE CONTOURING WITH FILLERS, BOTOX, THREAD LIFT, AND ULTHERAPY IN EDMONTONThese days, we all want to look like models even when we do not have the intentions to become one. We all strive to look our best as we strive daily to be the best. Face slimming and contouring is a makeup […]

Face-lift in Edmonton

facelift Edmonton

Face-lift in EdmontonAs we age, our facial and anatomical feature changes. Some people have more drastic changes than others, yet we still get this request in all age groups; I need to reshape my face and look younger. We, at Albany laser and cosmetic clinic, use different non-surgical techniques to help lift the face without […]

Fillers and Botox in the cosmetic field

Nose fillers

Fillers and Botox in the cosmetic fieldAs we grow old, our skin’s natural elastin and collagen decrease. The skin gets thinner, dryer, and unable to repair damaged cells, so wrinkles and fine lines develop. Other causes include heredity, sun exposure, and lifestyle. Currently, the treatments for Wrinkles are abundant, and there are many useful products and […]

Fillers and Botox injection for forehead wrinkles removal and skin tightening

Botox injection for forehead wrinkles in EdmontonBotox injection for forehead wrinkles in Edmonton: Using Botox and fillers together is an amazing combination. The Botox will relax the muscles, and the fillers will fill the lost volume at the dermal plane.  As shown in the diagram, as our skin ages, it loses its elasticity and volume. The […]

Fillers and Botox injection to enhance face beauty


Fillers and Botox injection to enhance face beautyFull-face rejuvenation with dermal fillers is a procedure that is infrequently explored in individuals with numerous cosmetic reasons. To determine the suitability of a novel spectrum of hyaluronic acid fillers for full-face rejuvenation, as well as to analyze effectiveness, safety, and patient satisfaction. Patients may get up to five […]

Fillers and Botox, some of our amazing work at Albany Cosmetic Center.

Lip fillers Edmonton

Fillers and Botox, are some of our amazing work at Albany CenterIn this post, we will show some of our results with Fillers and Botox injection. We use only Botox brand name and Juvederm from AllerganCase No 1Lips fillersWe have great lips to start with,  which is usually a challenge. The client wanted to have […]


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BEST BOTOX FOR FROWN LINES TREATMENTBotulinum toxin injection for the treatment of frown lines is the most often performed cosmetic procedure, and it is a standout among the most widely recognized procedure for clinicians trying to consolidate esthetic treatments into their training. Botulinum toxin injection, especially in the upper area of the face, offers unsurprising […]

How to Get Rid of Forehead Wrinkles in Edmonton

forehead wrinkles treatment

How to Get Rid of Forehead Wrinkles in Edmonton Forehead line correctionWrinkles and fine lines: sooner or later, we all get them. Some of us don’t mind them. Others – well, others would prefer not to have them. Your forehead is typically one of the first places where aging signs will start to appear but, if you’re a […]

Looking for Botox in Edmonton? You are at the right place

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What is Botox?An anti-aging cosmetic injection targets specific muscles to relax and stop wrinkle formations.How do wrinkles form?There are two types of wrinkles; static and dynamic. Botox mainly targets dynamic wrinkles and stops them from developing long-lasting deeper static wrinkles. As the name implies, dynamic wrinkles appear only when muscles are in a contraction state, […]