cellulite treatment

CELLULITE REMOVAL USING VELASHAPE Cellulite is a cosmetic condition that affects 80-90% of women – slender, fit, or thick – at some point. That a woman is overweight does make her more liable to have cellulite. The excess weight pushes cellulite from its hiding place and makes it more noticeable. Cellulite is a common occurrence in women; […]

Cool sculpting, mechanism, results in Edmonton

Coolsculpting, the procedure, and the results in EdmontonResults of Coolsculpting in Edmonton: Coolsculpting is a medical procedure performed in Edmonton. The procedure aids in the removal of excess fat cells located beneath the skin. Cool sculpting is a procedure that reduces fat cells in a specific area by approximately 20% to 25%. Cryolipolysis is another term […]

Coolsculpting and body shaping part 1

What is CoolSculpting, and how does it work?CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared, non-surgical, safe, and effective procedure to remove fat, shape, and contour the body. It can be considered a non-invasive alternative to Liposuction as the process removes fat and reduces the physical dimension of the area being treated.CoolSculpting works through the proven scientific principle of […]

Coolsculpting and fat reduction, questions and answers part 4

Coolsculpting and fat reduction, questions and answers part 4Are CoolSculpting and cool shaping safe for fat reduction and body shaping?Is there any risk? More than a cumulative 1 million CoolSculpting and coolshaping treatments for fat reduction and body shaping have been performed. No systemic health risk or anything beyond those mild local side effects has […]

Coolsculpting and fat removal, questions and answers parts 3

CoolAdvantage Plus

Coolsculpting and fat removal, questions and answers parts 3What type of results can a patient anticipate from CoolSculpting fat reduction (nonsurgical liposuction)?It is critical for me to appropriately set the patient’s expectations for fat reduction after a coolsculpting treatement. The results of fat reduction and Coolsculpting are real, but you must approach them appropriately. You […]

Coolsculpting for Double chin


Double chin CoolsculptingCryolipolysis (a.k.a. coolshaping and coolsculpting) is a non-invasive treatment that employs controlled chilling to cause apoptosis in adipocytes for fat reduction, fat removal, and body shaping. The selective damage to fat occurs because lipid-rich adipocytes are more vulnerable to cold harm than water-rich adjacent cells. Coolsculpting and cool shaping are safe and effective […]



CoolSculpting TechnologyCoolSculpting Technology is a trend in Edmonton, It uses the fat freezing method (cryolipolysis) to eliminate unwanted fats. Some people prefer to use it instead of liposuction treatment with other skin-tightening procedures to plug away any contour irregularities. WHEN WAS IT APPROVED?CoolSculping, as a new technique, was approved by the United States Food and Drug […]

CoolSculpting, SculpSure, and VelaShape


Body Shaping and Fat RemovalUsing CoolSculpting, SculpSure, and VelaShapeIn the age of the internet, being beautiful is not enough. More people want to have banging bodies like that of their favorite movie stars and supermodels. Not only does an attractive body shape improve your visual appeal, but it also boosts your confidence and self-esteem. However, […]