Love Handles

love handles

Love Handle Fat ReductionWhat are love handles, and what causes them?Love handles are the pesky deposition of fat that can be found on the sides of the waistline. Some people use funny synonyms such as the bulging waistline, spare tires, and hate handles. Many people find these difficult to get rid of through diet and […]

Body Contouring In Edmonton

A Quick Review Guide on Body ContouringMany of you would have probably listened to the term body contouring. It is evident from the name that this treatment method reduces body fat on a permanent scale basis. This blog post will give you a complete insight review on body contouring and what machines are used in […]

Muffin Top Fat Reduction

Muffin top

MUFFIN TOP CORRECTIONWe all know what it is: muffin top, love handles, belly pooch… whatever you want to call it. That extra bit of fat around our midsection seems impossible to get rid of. Those last few pounds won’t budge even if we diet and exercise. But what exactly is a muffin top?“Muffin top” is […]

Cooladvantage Applicators


CoolAdvantage, The New Family of Coolsculpting ApplicatorsWith Cooladvantage, patients can now enjoy reduced treatment times, increased comfort, and the same amazing fat reduction results they expect from CoolSculpting®. With Cooladvantage, treatments can now be completed in as little as 35 minutes, and patients report feeling more comfortable with Cooladvantage than with the original CoolSculpting® technology. […]

Velashape For Fat Reduction

Laser lipolysis

What is Velashape?If you’re looking for a way to help sculpt your body and reduce the appearance of cellulite, you may want to consider VelaShape®. This non-invasive treatment uses a combination of infrared light, radiofrequency energy, and mechanical massage to help break down fatty cells and improve circulation. The result is a smoother, more toned […]

Fat Reduction

Body slimming and Fat ReductionCryolipolysis is an advanced non-invasive, non-surgical fat-reduction procedure that makes use of cold temperatures to tear down fat cells and reduce or eliminate fat in areas with excess and stubborn fatThe FDA-certified Cryolipolysis does not need any surgery or incision. It allows the doctor to remove fat cells without destroying the […]

Submental Fat Removal


Submental Fat RemovalWHAT CAUSES DOUBLE CHIN AND FAT DEVELOPMENT?Your way of life, your genes, and aging. Out of these, you can only control your way of life by consuming fewer calories and working out, which, most times, is not enough. Thus, individuals search for the best cosmetic procedure with no downtime to enable them to […]

Body Shaping

Body shaping Edmonton

Different Non-surgical Body Shaping Procedures Many options are available if you’re looking to smooth, shape, or bust fat. With so many new procedures on the market, it can be tough to know which is right for you as they have different effects and costs. Here’s a guide to five popular body-shaping procedures available today.Fat FreezingIf you’re […]

Rolling scars

Rolling scars

What are rolling scars, and what causes them?Rolling scars are a type of acne scarring that can occur after severe acne. Moreover, it could be a result of an injury or surgery. They are caused by the loss of tissue, which can happen when the skin is stretched or pulled. This can happen during wound […]