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Laser Stretch Marks Correction

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Cellulite and stretch marks are common concerns for women. Cellulite and stretch marks occur when the elastic fibers and collagen are damaged or depleted. 80% of women over 20 years have cellulite regardless of their size or weight. Cellulite affects the skin, especially in regions with hidden fat deposits. 

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After stretch marks removal

We offer different Stretch marks treatments such as Fotona Laser,  injections and RF Microneedling. If you wish to know more, you can book a free consultation or read more about your options

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We’ll be happy to accommodate your wishes. If you need further information, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

Although most of our patients are satisfied with the treatment results, there are some patient-to-patient variation to consider

Best results are seen 8 -12 weeks after the treatment

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