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Vascular Lesions

Vascular Lesions treatment in Edmonton

Vascular lesions- it’s an ominous-sounding name for some small, but annoying skin conditions. However, veins laser treatment provides an excellent solution.

As we age, tiny blood vessels under the skin will become visible. They will often appear as streaks or blotches. They are often called spider veins for their spider web look. They’re often blue or red.

When they appear on the face, they can make even a young face look older. They often appear around the nose, cheeks, mouth, and neck, as well as the legs and upper chest. The fairer your skin, the more likely you are to get spider veins or vascular lesions.


Similar conditions and skin lesions are also called telangiectasia, erythema, and cherry angiomas. All of them are simply small blood vessels that are visible through the skin.


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Risk factors for Vascular Lesions like Spider Veins


There are several risk factors associated with spider veins and similar lesions.

  • Heredity - If your parents or grandparents have them, you’re much more likely to have them as well.
  • Pregnancy - Hormonal changes, as well as added weight, blood pressure, and fluid retention during pregnancy all increase the risks.
  • Prolonged standing or sitting - If you find yourself in one position for too long, the veins in your legs or buttocks can rupture and cause you to develop lesions.
  • High-heeled shoes - Heels can restrict blood flow to the calves and feet causing the blood vessels to rupture.
  • Sun exposure - The sun is often responsible for small veins around the nose.
  • Alcohol - Large quantities of alcohol consumption can cause veins to rupture in the nose.

Treating vascular lesions with lasers

At the Albany Laser and Cosmetic Center in Edmonton, Dr. Kamal Alhallak, Ph.D. in Pharmacy, and his team use lasers to treat these veins. The veins laser treatment heats the vein and causes them to shrink and disappear. The hemoglobin works as a chromophore that turns the light energy to heats

Many different treatments exist for treating lesions. Over the decades, lots of surgical treatments were created.

As technology has advanced, we’ve developed less invasive and less difficult techniques.

The current state of the art is lasers that have been shown to have a quick and permanent effect.

“It starts with a consultation where we assess the causes and the best treatments for your spider veins and other vascular lesions,” Dr. Kamal said in his Edmonton offices. “Once we’ve created a treatment plan, we can begin the treatment. In many cases, it will only take one or two sessions to nearly eliminate your spider veins and cherry angiomas.

“For those with extensive spider veins, it might take several visits to eliminate all of them.

“Nonetheless, the average clients will see a 90% to 100% reduction in their spider veins. This makes it much more comfortable to wear skirts and shorts. There’s also some evidence that spider veins can cause leg pain, tiredness, burning, throbbing, and heaviness in the legs.

“If they are on your face, you’ll feel much better about yourself. It can take years off of your looks in just a few minutes.”

Dr. Kamal went on to explain the history of laser treatments on vascular issues. As far back as the 1970s, studies showed that lasers had a significant positive impact on vascular lesions. As the years have gone on, the lasers have gotten more precise and the treatment has been much more successful.

The risks of scarring have dropped and the efficacy has gone up. The lasers are more precisely tuned and now only affect the parts of the skin that the doctor wants it to.

It is important to point out that the vein laser treatment is not suitable for large varicose veins and not an alternative to sclerotherapy.

Can treating these veins help my pain?

Spider veins or varicose veins are associated with pain, throbbing, tingling, tiredness, and other annoying symptoms in the legs.

By treating the veins and stopping blood flow to places where it doesn’t help the muscles, your body can recover and you’ll likely feel much better. With improved blood flow in the legs, you’re likely to have less restlessness, cramping, and pain.

Best of all, this can be done without the need for a lifetime of medications that are the usual answer to restless legs.

Feeling better about your body

These vascular lesions, whether they’re port wine stains, spider veins, or another type of mark, can make you feel less attractive. They are usually associated with aging, even though they can strike at any time.

By having these vascular lesions repaired, you will feel better about yourself and be more willing to wear the clothes you’d like to wear. Imagine not feeling like you have to wear long pants in the summer or long sleeves all the time. You’ll be able to put on shorts or t-shirts whenever you want as those bothersome veins and angiomas will be gone.

If those vascular lesions or spider veins are on your face, you’ll need less makeup and will feel less embarrassed when someone is looking at you closely.

Best of all, when the treatment is done, there’s almost no way for anyone to know that there was anything there in the first place.

What treatment do I need?

You don’t need to figure out what treatment you need.

A short consultation with Dr. Kamal, Ph.D. in Pharmacy, will let us know what treatment you need. Often, Dr. Kamal will use different devices on different parts of the body based on those specific needs.

During treatment, the procedures are almost entirely painless. Some patients experience a short, tolerable burning sensation that goes away quickly.

After you get home, follow Dr. Kamal’s instruction and within 24 to 48 hours, you’ll be right back to your old self. Within a week, there will be little or no trace of your spider veins.

Contact Dr. Kamal’s team at Albany Laser and Cosmetic Center today for a consultation to see what you can do to eliminate your spider veins, cherry angiomas, and other vascular lesions.