Non-Surgical Thigh Lift

Non-Surgical Thigh Lift

As you age, parts of your body sag with the upper legs being one of the most notorious for sagging skin. Many people have found that the thigh region defies many dieting and exercise programs despite losing enormous amounts of weight in other body parts.

Some people feel their self-esteem and confidence dip if they can’t freely flaunt their thighs because of loose skin. If you want the skin on the thighs to become firmer and improve the look of the upper legs, a non-surgical thigh lift is a way to achieve your dreams.

Why do you need a thigh lift



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Weight loss is a common cause of flappy skin on the thighs because of the number of fat cells in that part of the body. In the past, plastic surgeons relied on thigh lift surgery to make the place firmer and more aesthetic.

However, surgical thigh lifts are expensive, time-consuming, and painful. Also, you need to spend several weeks to recover fully while the risk of dangerous side effects is also high.



Thanks to advances in cosmetic surgery, you can now use non-surgical thigh augmentation procedures to tighten the skin on your thighs for a sexier and more confident look. A nonsurgical thigh lift is an excellent non-invasive procedure that helps to tighten the fold of loose skin, giving you firmer and more attractive upper legs.



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Types of Non-Surgical Thigh Lift

There are different non-surgical thigh lift techniques, including ultrasound such as Ultherapy which uses radio frequency, infrared lasers, dermal fillers like the Sculptra body fillers and PDO thread thigh lift techniques.

Each technique has its merits and demerits but here we will only discuss the dermal body filler and PDO thread techniques.


non-surgical butt lift info-graphic in Edmonton
non-surgical butt lift info-graphic in Edmonton non-surgical butt lift info-graphic in Edmonton

With the A shape, we, at Albany Center is Edmonton, prefer to do threads lift as we have good volume. For the other two types, we need to have a combination of volume and lifting as we will explain later on. The Upsidedown heart shape is what people refer to as the Kardashian's butt.

Body Filler for Non-surgical Thigh Lift

Sculptra is long-lasting dermal filler widely used for non-surgical augmentation procedures such as thigh lifts, butt lifts, leg lifts, and more. This filler comprises poly-l-lactic acid, a substance that signals the synthesis of collagen in the body.

To use Sculptra for a non-surgical thigh lift, the plastic surgeon injects the dermal filler into select areas of the thigh. The result is a natural-looking thigh which is plumper and tighter. Sculptra stimulates the body to produce collagen and the results are instant but you will see optimal results a few weeks after the procedure.

Non-surgical thigh lifts using dermal fillers like Sculptra is safe, fast and the results can last for up to two years or more. Also, the procedure is simple, almost painless and there is a minimal risk of side effects.

Sculptra dermal fillers leave no scars and are free of surgery-related complications. For best results, you may need to go for maintenance treatments for additional injection.

Like all dermal fillers, the body gradually absorbs Sculptra. The rate at which your body absorbs the substance determines how long the results will last.

threads butt lift in Edmonton
threads butt lift in Edmonton threads butt lift in Edmonton

PDO Threads

PDO threads also offer an effective non-surgical treatment for sagging skin on the thighs. This minimally invasive procedure uses polydioxanone threads or PDO.

For this procedure, the plastic surgeon will insert the PDO thread in pre-marked areas of the inner and outer thighs using fine needles or cannulas. This threading action produces a mechanical lift that is noticeable instantly. The procedure is fast and does not carry the risk of traditional thigh lift surgeries.


Thigh lift in Edmonton
Thigh lift in Edmonton Thigh lift in Edmonton


Depending on the size of the area that needs lifting, the surgeon may apply a local anesthetic to make the procedure less painful since it is minimally invasive.

Like the Sculptra dermal filler, the PDO thread is also a collagen stimulator. It will stimulate the production of collagen in the body. After some time, the body will absorb the thread completely but the collagen production will continue to make the skin around the thigh firm and plump.

PDO thread lift provides mechanical skin lift, collagen stimulation, tightens the skin, and improves skin texture and skin elasticity.

The procedure is also fast, effective and long-lasting. There is minimal downtime with this procedure and you won’t face any major post-treatment issues such as severe pain and a long recovery period. PDO thread for a thigh lift is safe, affordable, and a proven non-surgical technique for getting youthful and attractive upper legs.

Advantages of Non-surgical Thigh Lift over Surgical and Fat Grafting Treatments

Nonsurgical thigh lift procedures have several advantages over conventional surgical and fat grafting methods. Here are the benefits of the procedure.

Minimal Pain: Unlike surgical thigh lifts, non-surgical thigh lifts are relatively painless. You may feel a slight pain as the needle enters your skin, but you won’t be bed-ridden for several days afterward in the recovery ward. With non-invasive thigh lift techniques, you can resume your normal routine immediately after the procedure.

Fast: Non-surgical thigh lift is fast. Whether you are using Sculptra or PDO thread, most procedures will take 2-3 hours. Compare that to the lengthy pre-operation and post-surgery preparation of traditional thigh lift techniques.

Instant Results: Sculptra and PDO thread thigh lift produce instant results. Right from the time you finished the procedure, your thighs will not only feel tighter, but your skin elasticity will improve and there will be a visually appealing change in your upper legs.

Affordable: Non-surgical thigh lifts are far more affordable compared to surgical alternatives. If you want to do a thighplasty without paying through your nose, a non-surgical procedure is an excellent choice.


Brazilian butt lift
Brazilian butt lift Brazilian butt lift


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Who Can Use Non-Surgical Thigh Lift?

A non-surgical thigh lift is ideal for people who desire plumper, tighter and more youthful upper leg. It is especially OK for those who have soft tissue and accumulation of fat cells along their thighs.

After losing weight, you may be left with folds of skin on your thighs. A non-surgical thigh lift can produce dramatic results for your upper leg appearance. Your plastic surgeon will assess your health and body and discuss your options.



butt lift in Edmonton
butt lift in Edmonton butt lift in Edmonton


Possible Side Effects

The common side effects of non-invasive thigh lift include bruising, swelling, soreness, and bleeding. You may also feel tightness after performing a PDO thread procedure. There are chances of infection, nodule formation, nerve damage, and others but these are manageable.

A non-surgical thigh lift is an excellent way to augment the appearance and feel of your upper leg. The procedure is safe, affordable, and fast and produces dramatic results.

Brazilian butt lift in Edmonton
Brazilian butt lift in Edmonton Brazilian butt lift in Edmonton