Body Shaping

Cellulite Removal

What is Cellulite? Most of the young women consider cellulite as one of the most difficult body problems. Simply, an individual with cellulite has an uneven skin surface, with bumps and b... Read More

Stretch Mark Removal

Cellulite and stretch mark is an aesthetically concerns for women. Appropriately 80% of women over 20 years have cellulite regardless of their size or weight. Cellulite affects the skin, ... Read More

Double Chin Treatment

What is a Double Chin? A Double Chin is a regular condition caused by weight gain that results into fat cells forming a layer under the chin. It is also called submental fat. Genetics or ... Read More

Three-Stage Body Shaping

Body contouring using different machines and technologies None-invasive body shaping treatment: Different machines utilize different technologies with different mechanisms of action. Cool... Read More