O'shot for Sexual Dysfunction in Edmonton

Orgasm Shot for Women

Orgasm Shot for Women

Sexual dysfunction can take different forms in women, but the Orgasm Shot or O'shot, if combined with other treatment such as Votiva has amazing results. These miracle treatments improve pain during intercourse, reducing sex drive, and lowering the ability to orgasm. 

What Is the Orgasim Shot?

The Orgasm Shot or O-shot is a non-surgical procedure that promises improved sexual function by rejuvenating the vagina. Reports show the O-shot can increase and improve vaginal lubrication. It can also boost the frequency and intensity of orgasms and enhance arousal in women who use the treatment.

The Orgasm Shot uses high-quality platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from the patients’ blood sample. The physician draws about a spoonful of blood from the patient’s arm and places it into a special centrifuge. Then the centrifuge spins the blood to form high-quality PRP. A physician injects the PRP into pre-marked areas in the vaginal wall in a procedure that lasts only about 40 minutes. One shot suffices to see results, but a patient can have multiple shots at intervals for better and longer lasting effects. It also helps in bladder issues, in skin tightening and the  urinary incontinence 

How PRP for orgasm in women works

The Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP regenerate the blood vessels of the vagina. The rejuvenated blood vessels increase and improve blood circulation, healthy tissue growth and vascularization of the erogenous region. One reason women do not achieve orgasm is that of lower blood flow to the clitoral and vaginal regions and without adequate blood flow, there is no arousal. And it is difficult to achieve lubrication without increased blood flow. Whether your orgasm dysfunction is primary or secondary, PRP injections such as the O-shot have shown a high level of effectiveness in boosting blood circulation which engorges the clitoris and promotes orgasm.

Other applications of the Orgasm Shot

The O-shot has other applications essential to the wellbeing and confidence of many women. PRP has seen extensive use in other areas of medicine such as treatment of diabetes, arthritis, scar tissue, skin regeneration, hair loss treatment and more.

The inventor and physicians who use the O-shot report it is also effective for treating urinary incontinence in women after childbirth. It does this by producing stem cells which boost vaginal rejuvenation. The same process on the face is called Vampire facelift

Is the Orgasm Shot Safe?

There are no harmful side effects in patients who use the Orgasm Shot. There has not  been any cases of severe reactions to the O-shot. This may be because the PRP comes from the patient.

Should you use the Orgasim Shot?

The O-shot is gaining popularity among many women who have issues with sexual desire and achieving orgasm. However, some people believe this treatment is still in the early days.The treatment shows promise and could be a safe and effective way for women to enjoy sexual intercours.The O-shot makes bold claims on providing long-lasting solutions to sexual problems of women. Using a safe method of producing PRP, the procedure takes only 40 minutes. Plus, it comes from the woman’s blood. The process improves blood flow to the clitoral and vaginal walls. It improves tissue regeneration, promotes sensitivity and enhances orgasmic sensations.

What to expect after the procedure

Patients notice a marked improvement in the feel and look of their vagina, labia minora, labia majora, clitoris, and clitoral hood. The upper vagina will also become more spongy and lubricated and will feel more pleasurable during sexual activities.

What is the next step?

Whether your sex drive has dwindled because of painful sex, or you are suffering from incontinence after natural childbirth, the O-shot holds vast potential for permanent relief from sexual issues and is also safe and effective. Albany Laser and Cosmetic Center is the only certified provider for the Orgasim Shot in Edmonton. Dr. Alhallak Ph.D, will do the initial consultation and a female nurse will administer the O-shot injection.





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