Best dysport in Edmonton

Dysport in Edmonton

No one wants wrinkles, and no one wants an unnatural look either. For those who don’t want a “frozen’ look, there’s Dysport. Dysport is an authorized injection that smooths the look of moderate to deep frown lines between the eyebrows. What’s spectacular about Dysport is that it doesn’t affect how the rest of your face moves.

Surrounding muscles still function normally. Hence you can show feelings naturally. After all, Dysport only minimizes the lines, not your expressions.

Since Dysport offers natural-looking results, 97 percent of users say they’d use Dysport again. What’s more, Dysport is recognized in 69 countries. So if you want to know more about Dysport, including how it works read on.


How does Dysport work?

Dysport in Edmonton smooths frown lines by decreasing certain muscle activity. Wrinkles form as a result of muscle contractions and repeated movements. This means frown lines can also occur in teenaged adults.

Your injector will inject a dose into 5 points above and between the eyebrows. Doing this will inhibit muscle contractions, which cause frown lines. This will, in turn, leave the other parts of your face to move normally.  As your muscles relax, your skin above get smoother, hence reducing wrinkles.

Simply put, Dysport doesn’t give a frozen look. Won’t it be amazing to control your expression instead of it controlling you? That’s what Dysport offers.

Aside from the time involved in preparing for the treatment, Dysport requires a few minutes. Unless any life-threatening side effects happen, you can leave as soon as you finish the Dysport injections.

Dr. Kamal, Ph.D., will offer follow-up instructions, including suggesting a timeline for request treatments within a few months.



How long does Dysport in Edmonton last?

With Dysport, say bye-bye to glabellar lines between your eyebrows for about four months. Most users see changes within 2 to 3 days after the treatment. This is a 10 to 20 minutes procedure, and Dysport may help smooth out your frown lines for about 4 months.

You can compare the results of the first treatments to the repeat treatments. You’ll notice significant improvement afterward.

Another advantage? The treatment comes with minimal downtime, meaning you can resume your regular activity after the procedure.

How can I prepare for Dysport injections in Edmonton?

Before confirming you as an ideal candidate for Dysport treatment, Dr. Kamal will review your medical history. Also, he will advise that you stop taking some supplements and medications before the injections. These include:

Blood thinners

Allergy medications

Muscle relaxers

Cold medicines

Sleep aids

Who should use Dysport in Edmonton?

If you don’t like the frown lines between your eyebrows, then Dysport is for you. In essence, Dysport is meant for people with moderate to severe glabellar lines only. So if your wrinkles are mild of this nature, you may not qualify for Dysport.

So fight those annoying lines with Dysport. Further, if you’re below 65 and attempting treatment to remove wrinkles between the eyebrows, contact Dr. Kamal, Ph.D., to know if it’s is right for you.

Dysport Safety

When is Dysport contraindicated?

If you are allergic to Dysport and any of the following, don’t take Dysport:

Cow’s milk protein




Also, Dysport may not be ideal for you if:

The target area is infected

Your muscles are weak in the target area

You’ve done any facial procedure like surgery

The treatment area is inflamed

You have sagging or droopy eyelids

There are deep scars on your face

You have oily and thick skin

But the only way to know if Dysport is ideal for you is to consult your health professional.

What are the Side effects of Dysport in Edmonton?

In some cases, Dysport may affect parts of the body away from the treatment site. Some side effects can occur hours to weeks after treatment and may include:

Breathing problems


Muscle weakness all over the body

Loss of strength

Double vision

Drooping eyelids

Blurred vision

Note that breathing and swallowing problems can be life-threatening, and there have been reports of death. So you’ll be at the highest risk if the above issues pre-exist before treatment.

How much does Dysport in Edmonton cost?

Dysport is affordable, with an average $10 per unit. The cost for full upper face is between 300to $450. But it depends on your clinic and the injector. Since Dysport is considered a cosmetic treatment, medical insurance doesn’t cover it for the use of wrinkles. No to worry, we will discuss the exact costs with you before the procedure to evade any surprise bills.

What are the targeted areas for Dysport?

Dysport aims at the glabellar lines. You’ll find these wrinkles on your forehead, lying vertically. Also, the wrinkles will begin to develop in between your eyebrows during your adulthood. But as you age further, they get more noticeable as elasticity decreases. So whenever you squint, they become more distinct, giving you an angry or frowning looking.

To minimize pain, Dr. Kamal, Ph.D., will apply a little amount of topical anesthetic. Although you will feel little force from the injections, the procedure in general, won’t cause any major discomfort or pain.

If you’re considering Dysport, why not contact Albany laser and cosmetic center today for a free consultation. We will show you a portfolio of pictures, so you know what to expect from Dysport.