CoolSculpting New Applicators and the Interchangeable Contour Cups

Cool Sculpting has become one of the favored methods of reshaping and toning the body across America. It takes very little work and provides great results – and the whole range has just got even better. Cool Sculpting have stepped up their game by introducing a new range of Cool advantage applicators and interchangeable contour cups, all of which are destined to make your body more beautiful.

We here at Albany took a more in depth look at the CoolSculpting new applicator such as cool advantages range and interchangeable contour cups to help our clients decide on which treatment option might be right for them.

The Cool Advantage Collection: New CoolSculpting Applicators

CoolSculpting new applicators are made with a fantastic technology which uses cryolipolysis (that's freezing, in less technical terms) to freeze the body fat cells in the treatment areas. It does not involve any invasive treatment and has become a firm favorite for getting rid of troublesome fatty areas. Cool Sculpting is a low risk fat removal treatment that you can read more about through Medical News Today.

So why did it need improvement? Some of the old applicators we used with the Cool Sculpting collections had a lengthy treatment time; but the new applicators have that treatment time down to just 35 minutes. The old applicators did not have the same seamless contouring to the body that the new applicators do.

This new range of applicators and contouring cups allows a more economically efficient treatment, letting the body come into more productive contact with the applicators and therefore reducing money spent on electricity or other operating costs. The cost of the Cool Sculpting Cool Advantages collection is less than that provided by the previous methods.

Besides cost and time, the treatment using the new applicators is able to sculpt the body better. They can reach and support areas where the old models simply could not. This provides a better finish and a more effective treatment model all round.

You can learn more about the Cool advantages range straight from the manufacturers themselves by following this link.

The Benefits of the Cool Advantage Collection

So here are the benefits at-a-glance to help your purchasing decisions:

  • The new range of cool advantage applicators and contouring cups are much more comfortable than previous models.
  • The Cool Advantage Mini specifically allows you to target smaller areas (like a double-chin) than before.
  • Cool Advantage range treatments tend to cost less.
  • It is more time and energy efficient.
  • The Cool Advantages collection reaches more troublesome areas in a shorter time.
Treatment with Coolsculpting new applicator
Treatment with Coolsculpting new applicator

The Cool Advantage Collection: New Applicators and Contouring Cups

There are a few different devices in this range. We have listed them below along with where you should use them and any other useful information.

The CoolMini

The Cool Advantages Cool Mini is perfect for removing a double chin. This body sculpting device is FDA approved, non-invasive and thoroughly successful way to remove throat fat within just two treatments. The difference before and after two treatments and a twelve week interval are astounding. The cool mini is similar to the CoolSculpting original model with the exception of the new, more targeted applicator.

The Coolpetite Advantage

This Cool Advantage applicator is a step up from the cool mini because it is lightly bigger. This applicator has been specifically designed to combat fatty underarm areas. It is able to adapt to multiple body sizes and shaped by way of the contouring cups provided.

Treatment with coolsculpting coolfit
Treatment with coolsculpting coolfit

The Coolfit Advantage

The Coolfit Advantage is designed to target layers of fat in bulging areas. This means places like your upper thighs are best targeted with this applicator. It is able to target cells and freeze them with maximum efficiency. Like all cool advantage applicators it is FDA approved and gives visible results within hours of use.

The Coolcurve+ Advantage

This model of applicator is best used for those with a naturally slender frame. This type of body shape commonly suffers from stubborn areas of fat cells that exercise does nothing to help... and that's where the Coolcurve+ Advantage can do the rest! This model should be used when an otherwise toned person finds one or two areas that no amount of work can correct.

The Coolcurve Advantage Plus

This Cool Advantage applicator is best used on fat in the chest, moobs, hips, and arm areas. It is a larger contouring cup than the Coolcurve+ advantage. It has been developed to target greater areas of fat cells at once. Similarly to all of the other cool advantage collection applicators, the contouring cups allow for better closeness to the skin and, as a result, better results from each treatment.

The Coolcore Advantage

The Coolcore Advantage is an excellent applicator and contouring cup range that we use on most of our clients. The Coolcore Advantage is made to be used around the abdomen area where millions of Americans have excess visceral fat. Since it is this fat that chokes the organs and eventually leads to heart disease and cardiovascular problems; we heartily recommend the Coolcore Advantage treatment for all of out clients.

The Coolcore Advantage Plus

This model takes the belly fat reduction provided by the Coolcore Advantage and can be used on both the upper and lower abdomen. The contouring cups can change the ability of the device to target the two specific areas. It is one of the best known belly fat loss techniques currently available on the market. The Coolcore Advantage plus has been designed with the client in mind, and presents optimum comfort throughout the course of your treatment.

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