In our present-day society, having the perfect look is so important – from the shape of the lip to how full they look. Every spot, part or feature has to be accentuated to a level of perfection. Lips are often described as the most beautiful feature of the face. No wonder they attract more cosmetic procedures than other features.

Lip fillers are substances injected into the lips during a cosmetic surgical or non-surgical procedure in order to give them a fuller or enlarged appearance. Furthermore, Lip fillers are also a form of lip augmentation which leads to a plumper lip and it is done using injections.

Fuller lips improve the visual image of a person with a youthful allure. It is interesting to note that cosmetic procedures aimed at filling the lips have long existed. However, with the advancement of cosmetic procedures, more products and techniques are now developed with increased success. Now you can now flaunt a beautiful and supple lip like your favorite celebrity.

Types of Lips Fillers

  1. Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Fillers are created to plump the lips and results are seen immediately after the procedure. However, this lip augmentation lasts between 6-8 months. More injections are needed to maintain the size and appearance of the lips. You may want to try out hyaluronic fillers like:

Restylane Defyn: The filler creates a gentle appearance through little plumping, it is a perfect choice for jawline contouring and nasolabial folds filling

Restyle refine: with small particles and low water absorbance is a perfect choice for tear trough and under the eye.

Restylane Kyss: It is the perfect balance between viscosity porosity for lips. It is our favorite for lips augmentation

How does it change the face?

  • It gives a more attractive look coupled with fuller lips
  • The lips and surrounding skin take on a firm volume.
  • There are fewer bruises connected with hyaluronic acid.
  1. Permanent Silicon Lip Fillers

The lip-shaped implants are inserted into the lips through incisions. Also, the pre-set silicone has the desired shape a patient might need. You also get to choose what is best for you and you can remove the silicon at your instance.

How does it change the face?

  • Silicon fillers are very durable and last for decades thus maintaining your plush looks.
  1. Collagen Lip Fillers

Collagen Lip Fillers are increasingly popular and have a permanent feel although visits to the surgeon are multiple. Collagen is protein found in skin and bone. However, you can choose to use an outside source from an animal.

Fat Transfer or Fat Injections

Fat excision can be carried out on the patient by the surgeon who then inserts it into the lips. The autologous fat is purified before it is inserted.

How it changes your face: Even though visits to the doctor are regular, the impact on the lips is long-lasting. A more defined shape and volume accompany a beautiful look.

How long do lip fillers last?

The transfer of fat can last for decades or for months depending on the enhancement you want to make. HA procedures last for 6 or more months and usually require a refill while other more lasting solutions include the permanent silicon lip fillers.

What are The Average Costs of Lip Fillers?

Prices vary depending on the procedure and your location. Prices may go as high as $3000 and on an average between $500 to $2800. Temporary procedures such as Restylane are cost-effective ($500-$650) while a more permanent look attracts higher pay bracket.

Whatever you do, make an inquiry first. Make sure the practitioner is Board Certified. You could also do with awesome reviews of previous procedures.

What is the requisite downtime after a lip filler treatment?

We all have different body types, meaning that our response to treatment and the time we spend healing would also differ. Some people are good to go after two weeks while some take longer. However, results may take time to clearly manifest and there are several products that aid healing also exists.

What are the dangers and side effects?

The lips are fragile and require the best of practical care from seasoned professionals. Procedures like fat transfer can last longer than other injected materials but can have lumping or scarring effects on a patient.

Allergies could also arise and as such, patients with medical history such as cold sores and infections are advised to avoid the treatment. Furthermore, ulceration, scarring stiffened and uneven lips could result from a wrongly done procedure or inadequate ‘aftercare’ by the patient.

Is the procedure safe and worth it?

Lip filling with fat transfer is a great procedure if done with utmost care and technique. This would give your lips a more natural and voluptuous look and not all the fat is reabsorbed. What’s more, it’s safer. If you have any concerns, animal fat would be okay as well.

When is it safe to eat after lip injections?

There is nothing really wrong with eating immediately after the procedure. However, you may feel a sort of numbness opening your mouth and chewing. A soft diet within the first 30 hours after the procedure would be just fine.

How long do I have to wait to use a lipstick?

The chosen procedure may come with little bruises so I would definitely advise 48-hour wait for that beautiful appeal you desperately want to flaunt. Do try to be careful by keeping your makeup balanced and light.

As for kissing, the same amount of time is okay. Although I personally advocate for 4-5 days so as not to bruise or cause an imbalance to the lips.

How old do I have to be to get my lips filled?

I personally feel that a person ought to be 18 years and above to undergo any medical procedure. You should get your parents involved by telling them why you need it. A decision can then be reached collectively with the advice of an experienced surgeon.

Your parents or guardian may need to sign a consent form before the procedure.



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