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The lip treatment is the most visible facial feature. Along with the eyes, they reflect the first impression of mood and attitude. Juvederm and Restylane injections are popular cosmetic procedures for lip augmentation and improving the appearance of your lip shape. 

Albany Cosmetic and Laser Center has one of the highest cosmetic lip filler satisfaction rates. We offer the best long-term results for restoring lip volume and erasing fine lines.

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To achieve the best oral-facial augmentation using dermal fillers, a lip injections artist must have a thorough understanding of facial features in general, as well as the interaction of various mediums such as eyes, nose, and lips. Here’s another video of Dr. Kamal injecting HA fillers into a client’s lips. Our clients sign a consent form authorizing the release of recorded procedures and before and after photographs.

Dr. Kamal has mastered the art of lip fillers and anatomical planes of the lips as you can see in the videos


The lips are divided into upper and lower sections. The upper part of the upper lip has three planes, and the lower part has two planes. Understanding these planes allows the injector to gain insight into important factors such as injection location, lip filler placement direction, and the number of fillers for lip injections (Juvederm, Restylane) in each place. The apex of the two upper lateral planes is at the corners of the mouth, and the base borders the middle plane.

The filler of choice must be strong enough to withstand persistent kinetic movement. Lips, on the other hand, are constantly moving. It is critical to inject the filler of choice into the natural planes that make up the lips. Proper plane placement will ensure the stability and longevity of the implanted filler and sculpted shape. Different types of fillers will produce different cosmetic results when placed in thin lips.

Bruising is fairly common as a result of it. However, by following the information in the chart below, we can help you reduce your risk of bruising.