Say Goodbye to Thin Lips

Are you looking for a simple way to enhance your smile and boost your confidence? At Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre in Edmonton, we offer lip filler treatments to help you achieve full, luscious lips that look natural and beautiful.

The Benefits of Lip Fillers include:

  • Instantly boost your confidence with fuller, plumper lips.
  • Achieve natural-looking, long-lasting results.
  • Expertly administered by our experienced medical team.
  • Minimally invasive procedure with minimal downtime

Our Client Transformation Unveiled: Before and After

Achieve Full, Luscious Lips in Just One Visit

before injections after treatment
Olivia A
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I had an excellent experience with Albany Centre for lip fillers. The team was so welcoming, and the results were just what I wanted. My lips look natural but bigger and with a heart in the middle!
Joyce K
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I recently had Botox treatment at Albany Clinic for my frown, and I'm really happy with the results. The staff was friendly and professional, making me feel at ease throughout the procedure. They use freezing cream and leave it long enough to work. Highly recommend!
Samah J
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I'm very happy with the results of the laser hair removal at Albany Laser Centre. The procedure was quick and comfortable. I did not feel rushed, and provided me with many towels to change. I highly recommend them to anyone.