Fat removal, blemish and pigmentation removal, plasma injection for skin rejuvenation and laser skin tightening

Case No 1


Outer and inner thighs fat removal and body shaping


We are as amazed as the client when she came for her follow up 3 months after her second coolshaping session.  We did two coolshaping sessions for body shaping and fat removal for the inner and outer thighs. She lost close to 5 inches all together…Amazing. click here to read more about our body shaping and fat removal services


Case No 2


Pigmentation and blemish removal

This sweet lady came to use as she noticed more blemish and pigmentation on her face after her last visit to Mexico… Hydroquinone kit for 8 weeks, then our mighty Q-switch nano-second Lutronic Spectra Laser… Bye bye, pigmentation and blemish. Please click here to read more about laser treatment for pigmentation and blemish


Case No 3


Plasma injection for skin rejuvenation

This sweet client notice that her skin is not as glowing as it uses to be, we wanted to have something more natural to rejuvenation and restore her skin youth. We suggested the platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) injection (Vampire facial). The results were amazing just 1 weeks after the procedure


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