What kind of results should a patient expect from CoolSculpting of fat reduction (non surgical liposuction) ?

It’s very important for me to set the expectations about fat reduction appropriately for the patient. The results of the fat reduction and Coolsculpting are real but you do have to have the right expectation. You’re not going to go from obese to normal weight. You’re not going to lose ten inches off your waistline with just one treatment. What you can realistically expect is about a twenty percent reduction of the fat in the area that’s treated per treatment session. This is something that can be repeated multiple times. If we’re treating the love handles for example, we can take measurements and adequately record the love handle dimensions before treatment and then again after the results from the treatment and we would expect to see a result of the fat reduction of about a twenty percent reduction of the fat in that area, which is noticeable for most people. It’s going to be visible in your clothing and the way that your pants fit. If the patient wants more reduction, say they wanted about half of the fat removed, they can have a second treatment. It would once again remove twenty percent of the remaining fat. It can be done multiple times. Most people will do it usually one to two times. I always talk about the possibility of needing another treatment to get the desired result of fat reduction. I talk about the amount of time it takes for the result of fat reduction and body shaping to be shown because it’s not immediate. It typically takes two to three months to see the results because the fat that is frozen and killed during the treatment is then shrinking and being expelled from the body very slowly. It’s over months that you see the body area slowly shrink as well and take shape. It requires patience. It requires proper expectations of what you can get out of it. If you have those things set and you’re a good candidate, you will be pleased with the result of fat reduction and body slimming and be a happy patient.

Since somebody mass is being eliminated after fat removal are there any concerns about extra loose skin after the fat is reduced?

If the skin has a good tone to start and the patient loses the fat and the volume, then the skin can adapt after fat removal and body shaping just as if you were to lose weight from a diet and exercise. Over the course of months, the skin will slowly shrink and adapt to the new shape. If it’s in pretty decent shape to begin with and you do CoolSculpting and body slimming, you’re not likely to end up with a skin problem. If it’s starting out where the skin is really bad and stretched out, then CoolSculpting won’t help it at all.

Does a patient lose weight from their fat removal and body slimming treatment?

Although CoolSculpting and fat reduction should not be considered a weight loss treatment, usually the patient will lose some weight. Before we ever do a treatment, we will take photos from multiples angles. We’ll take measurements after fat removal and body shaping using a measuring tape of the body areas that we’re going to treat. We also record the weight on the day of the fat removal treatment. After three months we will review all of the results with the patient and repeat all of those measurements. The photos just serve as a visual aid but then we take measurements around the treated areas, such as the waist or the thigh and we can see in actual inches or centimeters how much it’s reduced. The weight is an important part because if you’ve maintained the same diet, the same exercise routine, that you have been doing all along prior to CoolSculpting and body contouring, your weight should be down a little bit, generally a pound up to three pounds. It’s not a lot because you’re not reducing the fatty areas tremendously. A cubic inch of fat doesn’t weigh but an ounce or two. It’s not going to be a lot of weight loss, but if all things are equal, you should lose a small amount of weight. Sometimes, we will have patients come back at three months and have no apparent improvement and we’ll take a measurement and it’s essentially the same. The pictures look essentially the same. When you look at their weight, they’ve gained fifteen pounds. That tells a lot. Just as mentioned earlier, you can still gain weight even in the areas that you treat. We want to see a constant weight or a loss in weight to trust that the results of the CoolSculpting and fat removal are accurately portrayed by the measurements. If you’re gaining weight, then you really don’t know if the CoolSculpting and body shaping didn’t work or what’s most likely is that it did work but it’s obscured by your net gain in weight.

Are there any recommendations for diet and exercise after fat reduction treatment?

We always advise patients to drink lots of water, maintain a good diet and keep up your exercise routine. Definitely don’t back track on the diet and exercise. Sometimes people think, well now that I’ve had fat removal and body contouring done, I don’t have to watch what I eat and I don’t have to go to the gym as much because I’m cured of weight gain, which is completely false. It’s definitely important for us to educate the patient about this right up front. If you stop going to the gym when you used to go three times a week, you’re going to gain weight and you will pretty much waste your money.


If a mother is interested in CoolSculpting and fat reduction treatment after childbirth, how long should she wait until treatment?

We recommend waiting until you’re back to or pretty close to your pre-pregnancy weight. Then it’s pretty safe to treat any area. You certainly can treat the extremities sooner than the abdomen because it’s going to be the last to recover. I would personally prefer to wait at least six months to a year to have body shaping for the post-partum abdomen but you really could treat any area once the patient is back to their pre-pregnancy weight and it’s been stable there so you know that it’s not fluctuating.

We at Albany cosmetic and laser centre developed a special body shaping and fat reduction program called “three-stage body-shaping” it includes coolshaping, cavitation and radio-frequency. it is an amazing package with very good results. Feel free to book for a free consultation. Payment plans are available. Our machine called coolshaping which is a Korean made imporved version of coolscupting, it has LED and better suction for better results

This post is a copy of Zannis, John. Body Contouring Without Surgery: Non-invasive Fat Reduction With CoolSculpting® (Kindle Locations 198-199).  . Kindle Edition.




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