Coolsculpting and fat removal, questions and answers parts 3

What type of results can a patient anticipate from CoolSculpting fat reduction (nonsurgical liposuction)?

It is critical for me to appropriately set the patient’s expectations for fat reduction after a coolsculpting treatement. The results of fat reduction and Coolsculpting are real, but you must approach them appropriately. You will not be able to go from obese to normal weight in a short period. You will not lose ten inches from your waistline in a single treatment. You can realistically anticipate a 20% reduction in fat in the treated area per treatment session. This is a procedure that can be repeated numerous times. Suppose we’re treating the love handles, for example. In that case, we can take measurements and adequately record the dimensions of the love handles before and after treatment. We should expect to see about a 20% reduction in fat in that area due to the fat reduction, which is noticeable for the majority of people. It will be evident in your clothing and the fit of your pants. If the patient desires additional reduction, say approximately half of the fat removed, they may undergo a second treatment. It would again remove 20% of the remaining fat. This can be repeated several times. The majority of people will repeat it between one and two times.

coolscuplting results in Albany Cosmetic and laser Centre
Coolscuplting results in Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre

I always discuss the possibility of requiring additional treatment to achieve the desired fat reduction result. I’m referring to the time required for fat loss and body shaping to manifest, as they are not instantaneous. Typically, it takes between eight to twelve weeks to see results because the fat frozen and killed during the treatment shrinks and is slowly expelled from the body. Over months, you will notice that the body area gradually shrinks and takes shape. Patience is required. It necessitates realistic expectations of what you can gain from it. If you have those things in place and are a good candidate, you will be satisfied with the outcome of fat reduction and body slimming and will be a happy patient.


Given that someone’s mass is being lost due to fat removal, are there any concerns about extra loose skin following fat removal?

If the skin is toned and the patient loses fat and volume, it can adapt just as it would if the patient lost weight through diet and exercise. The skin will gradually shrink and adapt to the new shape over several months. Suppose your skin is in reasonably good shape, to begin with, and you undergo CoolSculpting and body slimming. In that case, you are unlikely to develop a skin problem. If the skin is extremely loose and stretched out, CoolSculpting will have no effect.


Is it possible for a patient to lose weight due to their fat removal and body slimming treatments?

Although CoolSculpting and fat reduction should not be considered weight loss treatments, patients typically lose some weight due to the procedure. Before we begin any treatment, we will take multiple photographs from various angles. We’ll take measurements of the body areas treated following fat removal and body shaping with a measuring tape. Additionally, we track the patient’s weight on the day of the fat removal treatment. After three months, we will review all of the patient’s results and perform all of the measurements again. The photographs serve as a visual aid, but we then take measurements around the treated areas, such as the waist or thighs, to determine the reduction in actual inches or centimeters. Weight loss is critical because if you’ve maintained the same diet and exercise routine you had before CoolSculpting and body contouring, your weight should have decreased slightly, typically by a pound to three pounds. It’s not much because you’re not significantly reducing the fatty areas. A cubic inch of fat weighs no more than an ounce or two. It won’t be dramatic weight loss, but all other factors being equal, you should lose some weight. Occasionally, patients will return after three months with no apparent improvement, and we will take a measurement and find that it is essentially the same. The photographs appear to be identical. When you examine their weight, you’ll notice that they’ve gained fifteen pounds. That reveals a great deal. As previously stated, you can still gain weight in treated areas. We want to see a stable weight or weight loss to trust that the measurements accurately reflect the results of CoolSculpting and fat removal. If you’re gaining weight, you cannot know whether the CoolSculpting and body shaping worked or, more likely, whether they did work but were obscured by your net weight gain.


Is there any advice regarding diet and exercise following fat reduction treatment?

We always advise patients to drink plenty of water, eat a balanced diet, and maintain an active lifestyle. Definitely do not revert to your previous diet and exercise routine. Sometimes people believe that after fat removal and body contouring, they no longer need to watch what they eat or go to the gym as frequently because they have been cured of weight gain, which is completely false. We must educate the patient about this right away. If you stop going to the gym three times a week, you will gain weight and waste your money.


How long should a mother wait after childbirth if she is interested in CoolSculpting and fat reduction treatment?

We recommend waiting until you’re back to your pre-pregnancy weight or very close to it. Then you can pretty much treat any area. You can certainly treat the extremities sooner than the abdomen, as it will recover last. Personally, I would wait at least six months to a year before treating the post-partum abdomen. Still, you could treat any area once the patient has returned to their pre-pregnancy weight. It has remained stable, indicating that it is not fluctuating.

coolsculpting infographic
coolsculpting infographic

At Albany cosmetic and laser center, we have developed a unique body shaping and fat reduction program called “three-stage body shaping.” This program combines coolshaping, cavitation, and radiofrequency. It’s an incredible package that produces excellent results. Please feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation. There are payment plans available. Our machine is called coolshaping, and it is a Korean-made enhanced version of coolscupting; it features LED lighting and increased suction for improved results.

coolsculpting results in Edmonton coolsculpting results in Edmonton


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