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Cool sculpting, mechanism, results in Edmonton

Cool sculpting results in Edmonton: Cool sculpting a medical process done in Edmonton. The procedure helps removes excess fat cells underneath the skin.  Cool sculpting is a procedure used in reducing fat cells in a particular area by about 20% to 25%.

Cool sculpting is also known as cryolipolysis. Also, the procedure involves using a special tool which first cools a certain part of your body to freezing temperature. The treatment freezes and then kills off fat cells in that part of the body.


After some weeks, these fat cells are broken down naturally by your body and eliminated through the liver.

Most cool sculpting procedure takes about 60 minutes and costs about $1,000 per treatment area. Even though cool sculpting is new, it is recommended by the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration).

In actual fact, it is a recommended technique for fat removal or reduction. Also, the number of practitioners supporting the cool sculpting technique is still a small community. There are claims that the amount of fat cells that is treatable or removable in any area is between 20% and 25%.

In addition, most people begin to see the effect some days after the treatment. Although, it takes between 1 to 4 months before it begins to show.

How does cool sculpting work?

Cool sculpting is based on the science of cryolipolysis. Cryolipolisis is the medical process that destroys fat cells through freezing. During treatment, a special tool is used to freeze the fat cells in the targeted area.

This cooling is done at temperatures between 41 to 23 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature at this level is set to get rid of the subcutaneous fat tissues.

Does cool sculpting reduce weight?

Most times, people feel that reducing fat as the same as reducing weight, but it is not the same thing. Losing weight makes fat cells smaller. In addition, losing weight does not make the fat cells go away.

During the teenage years, the number of cells in the bodies naturally becomes a fixed number. But, during this period, losing or gaining weight does not affect the number of fat cells in the body. However, it changes the size of at cells in the body. When you go on a diet to reduce weight, the fat cells get smaller. But this doesn’t change the number of fat cells.

Who can undergo cool sculpting?

Cool sculpting is for people who are physically fit but have unwanted bulges in some parts of their body. These areas include the thighs, abdomen, arms, which have been unable to decrease through dieting and exercising.

Overall, Coolsculpting help contour and slim fatty areas, giving the body a natural look. Cool sculpting cannot and should not be substituted for weight loss and as such is not recommended for individuals who are obese.

What are the risks involved in cool sculpting?

Coolsculpting is relatively new, thus, research and studies on cool sculpting are limited. Also, cool sculpting is still viewed by many health experts as a safer, non-invasive type of fat reduction process.  Indeed it is safer than the conventional process of liposuction.

The process is safe. What this means is, you will only feel a tugging, tingling sensation. This occurs when the skin is between the devices’ two cooling panels.

Since the procedure doesn’t require any cutting, tissue or anesthesia, most people do not need recovery time. Patients can go back into their daily activities as soon as the treatment is over. Although, like with any cosmetic procedure, it is normal to feel

  • Redness

  • Firmness

  • Minor swelling

  • Tenderness

  • Bruising

  • Numbness

  • Muscle cramping

  • Skin sensitivity

Who should avoid cool sculpting?

Cool sculpting is still widely considered the safest way to remove fat cells in the body. The procedure is designed to help in reducing or shrinking stubborn fat cells that have reduced to shrink through dieting and exercising. However, there are certain people who should avoid cool sculpting as this may not be best suited for their health condition. They include:

  • People who are pregnant, attempting to become pregnant or are currently breastfeeding are not recommended for cool sculpting
  • People who have cryoglobulinemia. This is a medical condition where proteins, which only increase in cold, are in high concentration.
  • People who have a weakened immune system should not undertake cool sculpting
  • People who have just been recently injured in the part of the body where they want the cool sculpting carried out.
  • People with chronic anxiety disorder
  • People with severe pain disorder

What are some of the benefits accrued to cool sculpting?

  • Quick and simple; the time taken during cool sculpting treatment depends on the part of the body that is being treated. However, the majority of cool sculpting procedures only lasts minutes, which is fast and can be fixed within your busy schedule.
  • Natural looking results; all cosmetic procedure aim is to enhance you and give you that look you need for your confidence. Cool sculpting helps to retain the natural looking body because no surgery is carried out.
  • The risk of gaining weight is minimally reduced and the results are long term because the fat cells are destroyed and the body flushes it out.
  • It is a low-risk procedure and very much safer than liposuction.

Overall, if you are considering cool sculpting in Edmonton, be sure to seek out a medical practitioner with a lot of experience. Choose a doctor with several years of experience performing the procedure. The medical practitioner would be very much experience in giving guidance.

Also, your doctor (or injection certified pharmacists) will help determine if cool sculpting is the best treatment option for you. However, there is limited research on cool sculpting because it is relatively new. But the various researches that exist show cool sculpting as a low-risk technique for fat removal.

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