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laser hair removal prices

Please find our laser hair removal prices in Edmonton Location.  If you wish to have 25% on the first session of the price of the first session, please click on the button below and fill the survey.


Laser hair removal


[Abdomen LHR] $75.00
[Arms - Full LHR] $200.00
[Arms - Half LHR] $120.00
[Back and Chest LHR] $400.00
[Back or Chest LHR] $250.00
[Bikini LHR] $95.00
[Brazillian LHR] $200.00
Bum LHR $200.00
[Full Face LHR] $175.00
[Full Leg LHR] $325.00
[Half leg LHR] $175.00
[Mens Cheek LHR] $75.00
[Sideburn LHR] $65.00
[Test Spot] $0.00
[Underarm LHR] $95.00
[Upper Lip and Chin] $100.00
[Upper Lip OR Chin LHR] $50.00

Different Machines for Laser Hair Removal

If you compare the laser hair removal prices between Albany cosmetic & laser centre and other places in Edmonton. Then there are differences to consider.  First of all, Albany Cosmetic and Laser center use only Health Canada approved Lase Machines. Moreover, we choose the best of laser machines available in the market. We have two different machines to accommodate all skin color and hair types. Our machines for hair removal include Elite plus from cynosure, and Fotona Frac3 are the best of the Laser industry. On the other hand, we have the best certified medical and laser aestheticians in Edmonton.

Does that make a difference?

Yes, it does! we thrive to give you the best results. Remember that you get what you pay for. If you wish to risk your skin and wish to try a laser machine in someone basement or in the back on the nail salon, then you are risking having burned skin and pigmentation due to the lack of experience and wrong setting. Most of these places do not have proper insurance and their staff is regulated. We offer different wavelengths such as Alexandrite and ND-Yag Laser, Moreover, we have the ability to choose between different pulse width to best accommodate your skin type, hair color, and coarseness.

Package of Three Laser Hair Removal

If you like our service and are committed to continue the treatments with us by pre-paying for thee treatments of LHR, then you will get a 20% discount.

Book  a Free Consultation for Laser Hair Removal

Book a free consultation to know more about LHR and other services. The Consultation is 15 min to explain more about the service and give you enough info for the pre-post treatment care to get the best hair removal results. The Button will take you to our booking portal. Then you need to choose "Skin consultation". Moreover, the booking portal gives the chance of booking with a specific laser technician, or you can choose "No preference" for better availability. The system is a real-time reflection of our schedule. Once you confirmed the date and time, our booking department will contact you to confirm and make sure we have all the required info.

You will not be able to schedule a treatment through our portal, it is meant only to provide means to book request a free consultation. The actual treatment will be booked through our booking department.

Our Prices are fixed

To be able to provide the best laser services in Edmonton and be fair with all our patients and clients, then we decided to have a strict price policy. We do not give a discount, we do not run promotions, and we do not price match. However, we are committed to giving you the best results and laser service