Sanitizing, Disinfecting and sterilizating S.O.P

Albany Cosmetic and Laser Center, as a medical facility, is bound to the highest safety and hygiene standards. Long ago, we adapted our standards from the recommendation of WHO and AHS to create a safe environment for our clients and team members.

AHS Personal Services recommendations

WHO recommendations for medical services

Our team implemented the following modifications in response to COVID 19

1- All our team members will be wearing masks at all, these masks could be regular medical masks or N95 according to the level of contact with the client

2- Our appointments will be spaced 15 min to minimize contacts between clients

3- We will dedicate a specific room for sterilization and cleaning skin.

4- We follow the highest standards of sterilization and hygiene. Therefore, there would be no change in the procedure of room cleaning between clients

However, and in response to the COVID 19 pandemic, we modified our policy to include some mandatory procedure to our clients

1- Our client should fill in the following survey 15 min before their schedule app

2- We see clients by appointment only, no walk-ins are allowed

3- Every client should use hand sanitizer before approaching the front desk

4- Every client should wear a new mask provided at our center before approaching the front desk

5- Clients are advised to come alone, however every client is allowed a maximum of 1 chaperon during the visit.

6- No one under 18 or over 65 is allowed to the clinic during the month of June 2020

Please find our complete cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting and sterilizing procedure

complete protocol June 11th