Votiva Vaginal treatment

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Votiva Vaginal RF treatmentAs you read about Votiva Vaginal treatment, you’ll discover the following: Votiva’s treatment and procedureWhat are the possible negative effects of Votiva? Who is a suitable candidate for Votiva? If you are suffering from any vaginal issue, Votiva is now available as an alternative to surgery. This short, painless surgery can address […]

Women Health Prices

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Women’s Health In EdmontonA Guide on Women’s Health pricingDr. Abdulhafid directs Women Health department at Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre a board-certified GYN. R.N. Dima Omran performs all procedures.We provide the most advanced laser and RF machines for a variety of vaginal and urinary incontinence concerns, such as Votiva, Fractora and Fotona intimalase Request an […]