Best Fіllеrѕ for Cheek Augmentation

Best Fіllеrѕ for Cheek Augmentation Hаvіng сhееkѕ аugmеntеd is thе cosmetic ѕurgеrу procedure thаt wіll еmрhаѕіzе the сhееkѕ оf a реrѕоn.What is Cheek Augmentation?Chееk аugmеntаtіоn is a cosmetic surgery рrосеdurе whісh іѕ dоnе tо hіghlіght thе сhееkbоnеѕ іn аn іndіvіduаl’ѕ fасе bу mаkіng thеm mоrе pronounced. Hіgh cheekbones аrе соnѕіdеrеd to be аn attractive аnd desirable […]

Best Lip Fillers in Edmonton

Best Lip fillers Edmonton

Best lip fillers in Edmonton are injections of dermal fillers, such as Juvederm, that help to plump up the lips and reduce fine lines to create a more youthful and fuller appearance


Lip fillers Edmonton

Best lip fillers and best lip injections in EdmontonIf you want to perfect your lips, lip fillers are a great alternative. They are temporary – meaning you can have your natural pout back if you miss them. Furthermore, they also offer soft and smooth results for a natural-looking lip.What are lip injections?It is a procedure […]



LASER AND BOTOX FOR WRINKLES IN EDMONTONSigns of aging such as brown spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and facial problems are normal. However, these signs can affect your confidence, self-esteem, and attitude. Additionally, signs of aging will make you appear grumpy and even tired!Consequently, if you want to improve your facial appearance and fight the signs […]

Bоtоx аnd Fіllеrѕ tо Lооk Yоungеr in Edmonton

botox forehead

Bоtоx аnd Fіllеrѕ tо Lооk Yоungеr in EdmontonCosmetic injectables, such as Botox and Fillers, have seen a surge in popularity in recent decades. The purpose of the procedure is to remove wrinkles and years from the face, giving it a younger appearance.Botox injections in EdmontonBotox (Botulinum toxin A) has been used in the cosmetic medicine […]

Canadian Business Review Board Certification

Canadian Business Review Board

Canadian Business Review Board CertificationAlbany Cosmetic and Laser Centre is the only Medical Spa in Alberta with CBRB certificationAlbany Cosmetic and Laser Centre is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the Canadian Business Review Board’s certificate of excellence. This is a significant step forward in our pursuit of excellence and customer-focused service.The CBRB […]

Cosmetic Injection prices


Cosmetic Injections in EdmontonA Guide on Cosmetic injection pricingCosmetic injections are applied to the skin to restore volume, smooth lines and soften wrinkles or improve facial features. This popular facial rejuvenation therapy, which can be a cost-effective solution to look younger without surgery or downtime, is chosen by over 1 million men and women each […]

Face slimming with Botox and fillers in Edmonont

Ulthera Treatment

Face slimming using Botox, fillers, threadlift and UltheraAs the years pass by, we start noticing that our face shape is getting into an inverted V. The base of our face gets wider and less defined especially around the neck and jawlines.  This will give extra years to the face and might affect the confidence of […]

laser and facial cost in Edmonton

Laser Carbon Peel

Laser and Facial cost in EdmontonA Guide on Laser and Facial pricingAt Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre, we provide the most advanced Laser and Facial treatment performed with world class practitioners and affordable prices. Here is a list of the most laser services that we provides Request an appointment Laser and Facial At Albany CentreWe […]