Melasma Laser Treatment

Melasma Treatment Edmonton

Treating Melasma with Laser TherapyMelasma can be a difficult condition to treat. Fortunately, many laser treatments are available to help reduce the appearance of melasma.Fractional non-ablative lasers such as Fraxel can help improve melasma by creating pinholes in the skin’s surface, stimulating collagen production and allowing the body to heal itself. This type of laser […]

Laser hair removal side effects

Laser hair removal in Edmonton

Laser Hair Removal can be an effective way to get rid of unwanted hair, but it is important to understand the potential side effects and how to manage them. After all, you don’t want your newfound smooth skin to come with a steep price!Laser Hair Removal is a popular and convenient way to remove unwanted […]

Neurotoxin In Edmonton

cosmetic Botox injection Edmonton

Neurotoxin Edmonton CONTACT US Overview of cosmetic Neurotoxin Edmonton injectionsDo you find yourself frequently frowning, and look older due to wrinkles on your forehead? Do you have crows feet around your eyes? If you answered yes to either of these questions, it may be time to consider getting Neurotoxin cosmetic injection.Botox Edmonton is a popular […]

Canadian Business Review Board Certification

Canadian Business Review Board

Canadian Business Review Board CertificationAlbany Cosmetic and Laser Centre is the only Medical Spa in Alberta with CBRB certificationAlbany Cosmetic and Laser Centre is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the Canadian Business Review Board’s certificate of excellence. This is a significant step forward in our pursuit of excellence and customer-focused service.The CBRB […]

laser and facial cost in Edmonton

Laser Carbon Peel

Laser and Facial cost in EdmontonA Guide on Laser and Facial pricingAt Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre, we provide the most advanced Laser and Facial treatment performed with world class practitioners and affordable prices. Here is a list of the most laser services that we provides Request an appointment Laser and Facial At Albany CentreWe […]

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Albany Cosmetic & Laser Centre PricesCosmetic Injections Cosmetic Injections Lasers and Facials Lasers and Facials Body Shaping Body Shaping Women Health Women Health If you are considering having cosmetic injections or treatments done, you may be wondering how Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre’s prices compare to those of other medical spas in Edmonton. In this […]

Cosmetic Injection prices


Cosmetic Injections in EdmontonA Guide on Cosmetic injection pricingCosmetic injections are applied to the skin to restore volume, smooth lines and soften wrinkles or improve facial features. This popular facial rejuvenation therapy, which can be a cost-effective solution to look younger without surgery or downtime, is chosen by over 1 million men and women each […]

Face Slimming: Post 21

Ulthera Treatment

Face slimming using Cosmetic Neurotoxin Injections, fillers, threadlift and UltheraAs the years pass, we start noticing that our face shape is getting into an inverted V. The base of our face gets wider and less defined, especially around the neck and jawlines. This will give extra years to the face and might affect the person’s […]