A Jowl thread lift

Jowl Thread lift

A Jowl thread lift in EdmontonIt’s no secret that obtaining a facelift requires a significant financial investment. Facelifts require weeks of recovery, are one of the most costly cosmetic operations, and result in a permanent alteration to your face. Needless to say, this is a serious surgery that is not recommended for everyone. However, there […]

Botox eyebrow lift


Botox Eyebrow LiftBotox eyebrow lift  has come to stay! Presently, many patients want to rejuvenate their eyes; who wouldn’t? Read more about this procedure. So if you are searching for a non-invasive way to enhance your look, then this procedure is for you. But why not surgery? You’ll be surprised at how powerful a brow […]

Face lift with PDO threads in Edmonton

Instalift threads

Facelift with PDO threads in Edmonton  The paradigm of fillers and threadsWhat would you do if you have volume but you need to reshape your face in Edmonton? we need a combination of Threads and Filler because Adding more volume will help but it will not be the perfect option.This lovely client came to us so […]



FACE SLIMMING AND JAWLINE CONTOURING WITH FILLERS, BOTOX, THREAD LIFT, AND ULTHERAPY IN EDMONTONThese days, we all want to look like models even when we do not have the intentions to become one. We all strive to look our best as we strive daily to be the best. Face slimming and contouring is a makeup […]

Face-lift in Edmonton

facelift Edmonton

Face-lift in EdmontonAs we age, our facial and anatomical feature changes. Some people have more drastic changes than others, yet we still get this request in all age groups; I need to reshape my face and look younger. We, at Albany laser and cosmetic clinic, use different non-surgical techniques to help lift the face without […]

Facelift with PDO threads in Edmonton

Thread lift results

Facelift with PDO threads in EdmontonWhat would you do in Edmonton if you have a lot of volumes but need to reshape your face? We’ll need a mix of threads and filler because while adding more volume will help, it won’t be the ideal solution.This lovely client came to us for assistance with a few […]

Facial Wrinkles in Edmonton

Do I need Dermal Fillers

Correction of Facial Wrinkles in EdmontonBest Non-Invasive wrinkle correctionsEveryone wants to age with grace, but for some people, this seems to come far more naturally than others. Some of the most common reasons for this include genetics, diet, and overall lifestyle. Some people are just downright lucky. Whatever the reason, it’s not always an exact science!This being […]


NASOLABIAL FOLDS REMOVAL USING FILLER AND THE PDO THREADING WHAT ARE NASOLABIAL FOLDS?Nasolabial folds are lines situated on either side of the mouth. They are easy to notice when you grin. With the exception of infants and individuals whose appearances are deadened because of a therapeutic condition, nearly everybody has nasolabial folds. The folds, which are made […]

Fraxel Pre and Post-treatment instructions

Fraxel laser

Fraxel Pre and Post-treatment instructionsFraxel Pre and Post-treatment instructions include protecting yourself from sun and heat exposure, applying sunblock and a moisturizerWHAT ARE FRAXEL LASER INDICATIONS?Fraxel is a fractional laser with dual wavelengths, the golden standard for skin resurfacing treatment. Fraxel Skin tighteningthis treatment wipes out fine wrinkles and stimulates new collagen generation and a more […]