Mid-face augmentation

A mid-facelift

This procedure targets some facial features such as cheeks, under eyes, and part of the jawline. Mid-facelift provides patients with a younger appearance. The mid-facelift procedure works mainly by implanting fillers and thread lift. The fillers work as supporting pads to help to suspend the muscle and tightening the skin erasing.  Patients will not notice any change in the skin texture, but more in the facial features. The goal of a non-surgical mid-facelift is to provide a more affordable and shorter downtime than the full surgical procedure.

Non-surgical facelift procedure

The combination of volume-enhancing and skin lifting properties of Fillers and Threads makes it possible to get significant improvement without surgery. We usually use thick fillers such as (Juvederm volume, Juvederm Volux, or Restylane Volyme) to provide the best results. Fillers are injected, at different layers, using a 25G tsk cannula to minimize the brushing. 360 COG barb threads are using to provide better lifting and help to anchor the fillers against the gravity effect.

Case 1035

The patient is a female in her mid 30, annoying by her facial sagging. After taking her medical history, we discussed the options and agreed on doing the mid-facelift procedure. The procedure took about 1 hour. The cost of the procedure was around $2000.


The after-pictures were taken five months after the procedure. The client is pleased with her results as it shows that we were able to restore her volume and lift the checks and the jawlines back and up.