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Botox injection is the best treatment for wrinkles in the upper face such as the forehead, frown, land smile line. Targeting the right muscles, Botox injections relax the facial features, erasing wrinkles and years off your face


Most of us tend to make an expression even without noticing, such as frowning when we read something important or focus on our work. This unconscious muscle contraction, over time, gives us the unnatural look and wrinkles in some areas such as smile lines around the eyes, bunny lines on the nose, the frown line between the eyebrows and forehead lines on the forehead. When injected into the targeted muscles, Botox stops the muscles from having a full contraction and prevent wrinkles from appearing.

The Art of Lips Fillers at

Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre

Fillers replace the lost volume in the face and lips. The structure of the is made of natural products that are compatible with our tissues. This feature makes filler safe to be injected with high safety profile. Fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane can be injected by a sharp needle or blunt cannula, according to the site of injection and the injector decision. Fillers usually last from 6 months to two years, the variation is attributed to the patient age, metabolism, and type of the filler

Fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane come in different thickness and consistency. Best results are achieved by combining the right fillers and correct injection techniques and sites.



Dr. Alhallak has one of the best client-satisfaction rates all over Canada, Our results speak for itself

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