Comparison between Best body slimming mechanisms: coolshaping, coolsculpting, sculpsure and Vellashape

Best body slimming mechanisms

Medical research has always found solutions to burning fats through different treatment techniques. The U.S, Food and Drug Association (FDA) has been proficient. In regulating the modern methods practiced. CoolSculpting, SculpSure, and VelaShape are the most successful procedures for body slimming. Carried out to the present day. All the fat that has settled down and is not affected by any diet and exercise. Will no more maintain its position as this procedure.

CoolSculpting / Coolshaping

This is a procedure which freezes your fat rather than heating it. It is a non-surgical operation. This technique cools down resistive fat cells to a controlled temperature. Freezing up the stuck fat cells and then sucking them out. The systems designed to perform the treatment consists of sensors which ensure. The safety of the skin by monitoring the skin temperature to protect it from freezing. As soon as the skin’s temperature exceeds the threshold value of the sensor. The system shuts down.

A gel pad first covers the area intended to be well operated upon. Along with an applicator for temperature control. This treatment is so friendly that you may read a book or play on your phone while you’re well treated.


No matter what treatment we have to undergo it requires time. And a lot of our engagements gets postponed to buy time for recovery. But this procedure is entirely non-surgical having no downtime at all. Do whatever you want to do during the treatment maintaining a stable posture. And head to work as soon as the 15 minutes process is over.

Fat cells of the area targeted are only affected. Not having any impact on fat cells out of it, unlike all other procedures.


People have reported having felt severe pain during the procedure. A few have claimed to have felt numbness and pain in the targeted area for over a week.


This method has a similar idea of hunting fat cells of a specific area. Laser energy first attacks fat cells. The laser energy acts on the cells without affecting the skin. What the laser energy does is it heats up the fat cells. Weakening them up and destabilizing them completely. Those damaged cells are then flushed out of the body through the lymphatic system. A cooling effect is then sensed during the treatment. Because the target area is instant cooled. The lasers switch on and off at regular cycles keeping the skin unharmed. This non-surgical treatment is a 25-minute process. It is then used to treat fat cells in the abdomen, thighs and the spare tire area. Recently the F.D.A has approved its use to managing double chin. Making it one of the most effective techniques for reducing fat of the chin.


It can treat the various area of the body at a time. You don’t have to wait for one area to be only addressed first and take another appointment to the second area. Get cells burnt at different parts together.

It is a very friendly procedure involving no pain and discomfort. Also, it has no limitations to skin types and can also be used at skins of any laxity.


While a person is being treated if the schedule is not followed. Destabilized fat cells can gain back their fat content. Regaining stability making the procedure in effect.

Mild soreness may also be experienced for a few days which decay in no time.


The mechanism by which vela shape operates is a combination. Of the infrared rays and radio frequencies. This technique also heats up the fat cells and the tissues surrounding those cells. Along with the dermal collagen fibers thus encouraging the growth of better collagens. The collagens give the skin a better texture. And feel also reducing its laxity indirectly removing body mass. It is more like a hot massage pad placed on the area under treatment giving the patient a very relaxed feel.

This handheld device composed of rollers and a light energy device. The rollers massage the skin and suction is then done in the presence of light energy.

This procedure is also carried out to reduce the cellulite in specific areas. And to slim down the love handles, thighs and other fat concentrated areas.


The results after undergoing the VelaShape treatment are visible straight away. It is a straightforward process and has no complications in its procedure before and after the surgery. No downtime is making it a very convenient option.


It is not a permanent but a temporary solution to combating cellulite. Once the procedure is first performed. Repeated visits are then required for therapy maintenance purposes.

It is not suitable for everybody, and it is hard to tell before the treatment. To whether it will, or it won’t suit the person getting treated.

These treatments are non-invasive with no or very few side effects. Making them safe and effective. They are all more or less, expensive. But these cosmetic surgeries are the solution to get done. With all the fat cells which become impossible to dismantle. All these approaches might not be within your reach. Not being available and might involve your financial resources. But there’s a lot to gain if opted for


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  1. Lilian Snow February 10, 2018 at 5:57 pm - Reply

    I believe that the best procedure is the sculpsure. Heating and flushing out fat is the easiest and most effective way to get rid of fat in the body with fewer side effects.

  2. Tiffany February 10, 2018 at 6:05 pm - Reply

    My friend actually got the coolsculpting procedure done for her last week. I was with her and I learned a lot. The procedure is quick and effective too but the idea of freezing a body part doesn’t really go down well with me!

  3. Juliet Bob February 10, 2018 at 6:05 pm - Reply

    I think I’ll prefer the Velashape procedure. I don’t really want something permanent and so a temporary solution to my fat is a welcome idea for me.

  4. Isabella February 10, 2018 at 6:08 pm - Reply

    To be honest, Albany cosmetic center is the best place to get your body trimmed properly. They are professionals and are ready to give you all the necessary help you need throughout your recovery process. I totally recommend.

  5. Dammy February 10, 2018 at 6:14 pm - Reply

    Hmm. I once followed a relation to a clinic for coolshaping. The doctor sounded like a pro and said a lot of stuffs before carrying on the process. I tell you, after the whole thing my aunt couldn’t feel her muscles. She felt numb for hours and had to be carried home. She was like that for some weeks. I don’t really know if something went wrong though. But I think Velashape is a better option.

  6. Charlie Leo February 10, 2018 at 6:14 pm - Reply

    These are like the coolest body slimming methods available. You just have to check in with your doctor and discuss the one that you need to go for which will be healthy for you.

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