Best CoolSculpting in Edmonton

Have you been struggling with stubborn fat in annoying areas? Tried all diets and exercise programs but you are still not satisfied?  It is time to kiss the stubborn fat goodbye with the Best CoolSculpting in Edmonton. Our advanced CoolSculpting system uses a safe and controlled fat freezing procedure to provide non-surgical fat reduction that does not respond to diet and exercise. Our CoolSculpting system showed amazing, long-lasting results in difficult and unresponsive areas. The fat loss continues over 12 weeks and you will see a younger version of you every day.


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Remove The Stubborn Fat With CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting works through a unique technology called cryolipolysis. FDA Cleared this process to be safe. The CoolSculpting handle provides control cooling effect to freeze the fatty cells away in a safe and effective manner.

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No Sweat, NO Body Ache, Just Chill and Relax

Bring your favorite book or listen to your favorite song or even watch a movie. Once we apply the application, the magic works itself. The machine is programmed to supply the cooling mechanism effectively and safely. You will start losing fat and inches right away, but it takes at least three weeks to notice results and up to three months for the full result. It is important to know that there is individual variation and we insist on providing a free consultation before the treatment.


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Does CoolSculpting involve any needles

The treatment does not involve any needles or surgery and you can continue your normal routine directly after the session. Some clients described having minor bruises, numbness and trauma-like pain in the treated area, these symptoms are temporary. We recommend that our client brings some comfortable clothing and avoid taking a hot shower within 12 hours of the CoolSculpting treatment.


Like Your Mirror Reflection Once Again

We received most of the “thank you” called three months after the session, however, the treatment keeps working up to six months after the session. After the CoolSculpting system freezes the fat cells, our body starts to get rid of them through the lymphatic system over 5-6 months. Some clients see results fast than others. Moreover, most of our clients require one treatment to meet their expectation, however, we might recommend additional treatment. We will discuss all these points with you during the free consultation.

Why CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a revolutionary fat removal treatment. Almost every one of us does not like something about his/her body. This could be love handles, double chin, upper arms or even Bra rolls, so let us help you get slimmer once and for all? This treatment is effective in both men and women and tried over three million times over the past 10 years with over 80% success. Albany Cosmetic and laser center is the only center in Edmonton that provides all different applicator sizes for the CoolShaping. Each one of the applicators has a unique design to fit a specific area such as love handles, inner thighs, out thighs, upper arms and more. After consultation, the patient gets to the prep room, where we mark the area and choose the right applicator. The whole procedure takes about one hour.

Do I need to Exercise after CoolSculpting?

There is no preferred exercise or diet program, however, we highly recommend following a healthy lifestyle after the treatment and keep yourself hydrated. We understand how busy your life is, but you deserve to dedicate one hour so you can get the body you always wanted and feel good about yourself.

Would I lose weight after CoolSculpting?

You might, but it would not be significant unless you are on a special diet. Remember the goal of this treatment is to lose inches not pounds.

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Am I a good candidate for CoolSculpting?

Not everyone is a good candidate for CoolSculpting. Therefore the best way to decide if you are a good candidate is to book for a free consultation.

How Much Is CoolSculpting?

The Average price of a CoolSculpting session is $1200. However, we offer lots of bundle and discounts to make the treatment affordable


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