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Cheek Jawline fillers

Cheek fillers case # 1066

Objectives of Cheek fillers We inject Cheek fillers to enhance the volume of the area above and around your cheekbones to provide a more defined facial

Russian lip fillers Edmonton

Lip fillers Juvederm Volift # 1064

Lip fillers Juvederm Volift # 1064  For lip fillers, who can get them?For lip fillers, you must meet the following:Keep your body in good shape.Keep your

EyeLid lift

Fraxel Eyelid Lift Case # 1063

Fraxel Eyelid Lift Case # 1063Fraxel EyeLid Lift   Eyelid lift: Our eyes are often the first thing a person notices about us, and for those

sculptra facial rejuvenation

Sculptra Facelift Case # 1062

Sculptra Facelift Maybe you already know how amazing products like Botox can be for the aging face. You might have looked into facial dermal fillers’ softening,

Fraxel Scar Removal Case #1061

Fraxel Scar Removal Case #1061Imagine you could take all your skin concerns away like hyperpigmentation, acne scars, dullness, fine lines and peel them all away

Fotona TightSculpting

Fotona TightSculpting Case # 1060

Fotona TightSculpting Case # 1060Fotona Tightsculpting is a state-of-the-art, non-invasive laser treatment that effectively reduces fat, sculpts, transforms, and tightens any body area. Fotona Tightsculpting

Jawline contouring Edmonton

Jawline Contouring #1058

Jawline Contouring #1058  Jawline ContouringIn facial aesthetics, a strong and square jawline is attractive, if you’re a man. But for women, a softer, less prominent jawline

Brazilian Butt Lift

sculptra butt lift case # 1057

Sculptra Butt Lift Don’t feel like going under the knife for a butt lift? Then this non-surgical butt lift, also known as the liquid butt lift,

Face Thread lift Edmonton

Face Thread Lift Case # 1056

Face Thread Lift Case # 1056Until recently, the only way to address jowls and drooping cheeks was facelift surgery. Once loose skin is present, only

lip fillers Edmonton

Lip augmentation Case # 1055

Lip augmentation Case # 1055 Lip Augmentation Lips have a significant role in face aesthetic perception, and lip augmentation is one of the most commonly requested aesthetic

Rosacea results

Rosacea Treatment Case # 1054

Rosacea Treatment with IPLRosacea is a skin condition that is characterized by frequent flushing or blushing and a generally bright red appearance to the skin

before after Tear trough fillers

Tear trough fillers case # 1053

Tear Trough fillers The area under the eyes is a common cosmetic concern. Issues in this area are often associated with looking tired. If you have

Thread Facelift Case # 1052

Thread Facelift Case # 1052Thread FaceLiftUntil recently, the only procedure available to correct jowls and drooping cheeks was facelift surgery. Once loose skin is present,

eye brow lift Edmonton

EyeBrow Lift Case # 1051

EyeBrow Lift Case # 1051A Brow Elevate (alternatively termed an Eyebrow Lift) is a procedure that uses Botox or Dermal Filler injections to lift the

natural look lip fillers

Lip fillers Case # 1049

Lip fillers Case # 1049Natural lip fillersAs lip fillers get more frequent, It’s normal to see cases of bad lip filler results. Some of the

hair loss treatment

Hair loss treatment case # 1048

Hair loss treatment case # 1048Some effective treatments for hereditary hair loss are available. These treatments work on either reversing the hair loss or slowing

Under eye fillers

Under eye fillers case # 1047

Under-eye fillersWe used under-eye fillers to fill the space under the eye. It is referred to as a “tear trough.” The loss of fats around

hair restoration Edmonton

Hair Loss treatment case # 1046

Hair Loss treatment case # 1046Most patients prefer to stay away from surgical procedures. Therefore, the non-surgical option for hair loss treatment and restoration started

lip fillers Edmonton

Lip fillers Case # 1044

Lip fillers Case # 1044Lips are the most noticeable facial aspect, especially in females. Lip augmentation is a cosmetic treatment that may provide you with

Bellafill Edmonton

Bellafill injection Case # 1043

Bellafill injection resultsBellafill is different from hyaluronic acid fillers in properties such as durability, reversibility, and price. Request Appointment Properties of BellafillBellafill consists of small microspheres

before after coolsculpting Edmonton

Coolsculpting for stubborn fat Case # 1042

What is CoolSculpting?CoolSculpting is a trading name for a machine that performs cryolipolysis. To explain more about CoolSculpting, it is a health Canada cleared fat-freezing

chin augmentation Edmonton

Chin Augmentation Case # 1041

Chin Augmentation Case # 1041Chin dimpleCleft chin is when the skin is indented over an infused jaw bone dent, creating the dimple. The correction is

Facial Rejuvenation case # 1040

Facial Rejuvenation case # 1040Facial rejuvenation is a common term in the cosmetic field, which does not specify a certain treatment. However, Facial rejuvenation can

Double chin

Double Chin Correction Case # 1039

Double Chin Correction Case #1039This cosmetic concern is caused by excess fat in the submental area, and we usually refer to it as submental fullness.

under eye fillers

Under eye fillers case#1037

Under eye fillersHistological skin changes and underlying structures result in different facial aging signs, especially in the under eye area. Even though these signs are

Lip fillers

Lip fillers Case # 1036

Lip fillers Case # 1036Lip fillers using a blunt cannulaUsing blunt cannulas for hyaluronic acid (HA) filler injection in the lip and the area around the mouth

Mid facelift Augmentation

Mid-facelift Case # 1035

Mid-facelift Case # 1035This procedure targets some facial features such as cheeks, under eyes, and part of the jawline. Mid-facelift provides patients with a younger

eye wrinkles

Eye wrinkles case # 1034

Eye wrinkles case # 1034Lots of people have eye wrinkles, especially when we smile. These wrinkles are part of the aging process and have no

nose fillers in Edmonton

Non surgical rhinoplasty case # 1033

Non surgical rhinoplasty Rhinoplasty surgery used to be sole for correcting less than some desirable features of the nose.  Recently, the non-invasive rhinoplasty is getting more

forehead lines Botox

Botox for forehead case # 1032

Botox injections for the foreheadBotox Cosmetic is a cosmetic treatment used to relax some muscles and smooth facial expressions. botulinum toxin type A, the active

Thread facelift Edmonton

Thread facelift Case 1032

Thread faceliftA silhouette facelift is the most advanced non-surgical facelift that any cosmetic clinic can provide. They offer immediate tightening and gradual regenerative results because

Facelift threads edmonton

Thread facelift Case 1031

Thread faceliftsilhouette facelift is the most advanced non-surgical facelift that any cosmetic clinic can provide. The threads are made of biodegradable suture that offer immediate

Deep Acne scars Case # 1030

Deep Acne scars Case # 1030Microneedling is an effective and minimally invasive skin rejuvenation technique for deep acne scars. Advanced microneedling devices, such as Fractora,

nasolabial folds Edmonton

Nasolabial folds case # 1029

Nasolabial folds correctionNasolabial folds correction is one of the most frequent procedures we performed, at Albany Cosmetic and laser center. Causes of nasolabial foldsLoss of facial

Brazilian Butt Lift

BBL Case # 1028

Sculptra Butt Lift BBL Case ReportWelcome to sculptra butt lift BBL case report. As you can see, the patient was extremely happy with the results

Lip filler injections

Lip Filler Injection Case # 1026

Lip Filler Injection Case # 1026Lip fillers are getting more socially acceptable, and we noticed higher demands in the past few years. HA fillers such

Facelift in Edmonton

Non surgical face lift Case # 1025

Non surgical face lift Case 1025 Non surgical face lift is a relevantly new term that refers to cosmetic procedures that help to reshape the face

lip augmentation with Restylane

Lip Augmentation case # 1022

Lip Augmentation case # 1022Lip augmentation, statistically, is the third most frequent cosmetic procedure after Botox Cosmetics and Laser hair removal. The procedure includes implementing

under eye filler Edmonton

Under eye Fillers Case 1021

Why do we use under-eye fillers?Fillers are the gel-like substances that are injected into the skin to add volume where it has been lost. They

rhinoplasty with fillers by Dr. Kamal Alhallak (Ph.D.)

Rhinoplasty with fillers Case # 1020

Rhinoplasty with fillers The non-surgical rhinoplasty is a procedure that we offer in the clinic setting. It does not offer a permanent solution. However, it has


Acne Scars correction Case # 1019

Acne Scars treatment with Fractora MicroneedlingAcne scars are memories from old memories of unfavorable friends at teenage times. The chronic and acute inflammation associated with whiteheads

under-eye fillers Edmonton

Under-eye Fillers Case 1018

What are under-eye fillers?Under-eye fillers are one of the most common procedure that Dr. Kamal Alhallak (Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics) perform regularly. Another popular name for

mini facelift in Edmonton

Mini facelift case # 1016

Mini facelift with fillers and threadsWhat is a Mini facelift?A mini facelift is a non-surgical procedure that involves cosmetic injections such as dermal fillers, Botox,

Melasma treatment Edmonton

Melasma and hyperpigmentation

What are Melasma and hyperpigmentation?In short, they are symptoms of extra active melanocytes at different parts of the skin at different depths. We will not

Marionette lines Edmonton

Marionette lines Case # 1014

Marionette lines Case # 1014Marionette lines or party hat lines are vertical lines that extend down from the corner of the mouth around the chin.When