Coolsculpting Edmonton

Coolsculpting Edmonton

Get fast fat reduction results with affordable CoolSculpting in Edmonton. No other body sculpting treatment offers the same non-invasive results in as little time as Edmonton’s #1 most requested procedure. Just one or two painless treatment sessions will deliver exceptional results you’ll love.

See Amazing Results With CoolSculpting in Edmonton

Get rid of stubborn fat in areas that are resistant to exercise and diet with the most comfortable procedure available today. CoolSculpting equipment gently treats fat deposits with cryolipolysis, or cold temperature treatment, that kills fat cells and eliminates them from your body. You’ll see immediate results, but you’ll also see results over time as treated fat cells are absorbed by the body and assimilated through your system.

No Side Effects

CoolSculpting has become a world-wide first choice for removing fat since it is virtually pain-free and is associated with no known adverse effects. You’ll walk out of our office after a short treatment session with no limitations or restrictions on your activity- so you can return to work, go home, or go out on the town in your favorite outfit. CoolSculpting is effective in the abdomen, thighs, waist, calves, and other areas of the body.

Cool-Shaping is Affordable

Sixty-minute sessions with CoolSculpting in Edmonton cost less than almost any other type of fat removal procedure available today. You can discuss your goals with our staff by setting up a consultation visit. We’ll be happy to provide additional information about CoolSculpting that you can take home and look over before deciding on treatment. Consider the safety of CoolSculpting technology while comparing your options- cool-shaping utilizes LED technology to enhance circulation, preventing frostbite and offering skin tightening as an added benefit.

See Before-And-After Photos

Gain confidence in the CoolSculpting process by looking through real client before-and-after pictures to see the results you could experience through cost-effective CoolSculpting in Edmonton at The Albany Laser & Cosmetic Center. We offer a wide range of treatment options to create the body of your dreams, including what many Medispas are calling the ‘breakthrough of the century’- painless fat freezing that gets rid of stubborn fat deposits without the need for surgery or invasive techniques.

Watch Our Online CoolSculpting Video

See the benefits of CoolSculpting by watching our online video entitled ‘Cool-Shaping Cryolipolysis and see an actual CoolShaping session at our Albany clinic. For additional information, click the ‘Body Shaping’ link on our website and select ‘Fat Freezing’ from the menu.

Schedule a free consultation visit with our staff to discuss your body-shaping objectives with us and take advantage of professional advice offered by our team. If you’re a candidate for CoolSculpting, you could see immediate results after a single session, followed by ongoing results as your body naturally continues to eliminate fat cells that have been targeted for removal. Many of our clients find that two CoolSculpting sessions deliver beautiful results- and best of all, once fat cells die, they can never return.

Coolsculpting Edmonton
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Coolsculpting Edmonton