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wrinkle removal, the full story!


Wrinkle removal, the full story! What are wrinkles? Wrinkles are one of the most noticeable features of photoaged skin.  Wrinkles are associated with a weak cellular epidermis and have reduced structural proteins in the dermal

Stretch marks treatment, what works?


Stretch marks treatment, what works? What is stretch marks striae distensae ( Stretch marks), also known as stretch marks, are common, permanent dermal lesions that can be symptomatic and are considered aesthetically undesirable; thus, they pose a significant psychosocial

The art of skin tightening


The art of skin tightening Photoaged skin is a challenge for most women over 40 years old. The prolonged exposure to UV radiation disrupts skin structure on both epidermal and dermal level. Briefly, Keratinocyte and