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wrinkle removal, the full story!


Wrinkle removal, the full story! What are wrinkles? Wrinkles are one of the most noticeable features of photoaged skin.  Wrinkles are associated with a weak cellular epidermis and have reduced structural proteins in the dermal

The art of skin tightening


The art of skin tightening Photoaged skin is a challenge for most women over 40 years old. The prolonged exposure to UV radiation disrupts skin structure on both epidermal and dermal level. Briefly, Keratinocyte and

Pigmentation treatment using Laser


Photoaging is the main culprit for most benign pigmentation lesions such as ephelides (freckles), solar lentigines (sun spots). Mottled pigmentations are expressed as mixed hyper and hypopigmentation area. Other pigmentation conditions are not direct results